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Yuba City, California

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Working drawings are approved and the project moves into construction. Where can I see a rendering of the new courthouse? Will the new courthouse be energy-efficient and sustainably designed? This project complies with the California building codes for energy-efficiency, water conservation, resource efficiency, and environmental quality.

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Sustainability features include drought-tolerant landscaping, water-efficient-irrigation and plumbing systems, and extensive use of natural light throughout the building. What design approach was used for the new courthouse? The unique architectural design for the new courthouse features landscaped, open-air courtyards in each corner of the building, creating an inviting and stress-free environment where court users can gather. The contemporary design is intended to both reflect historic precedents in local civic buildings and revitalize an evolving government center in downtown Yuba City. SITE What is the location of the new courthouse?

Why does the Judicial Council decide where the new court is built? Why isn't this a county decision? Historically, trial courts functioned largely as county departments, but that changed inwith passage of the Trial Court Facilities Act. This law made the State of California responsible for court facilities statewide, rather than the counties. The law gave the Judicial Council responsibility for facilities owned or occupied by the courts and made it responsible for operations, maintenance, and repairs, as well as site acquisition, planning, design, and construction of capital projects that replace or renovate courthouses.

Council staff work closely with each affected Superior Court and local government throughout the site selection process. Staff completed the CEQA process by filing a categorical exemption for this project on December 24, Will the new building be energy-efficient? Energy-efficiency features include advanced conservation methods in heating and cooling and state-of-the-art artificial lighting and plumbing, as well as an ample flow of natural light throughout the building. Bonds to finance construction were sold on this project in the spring of How did the state arrive at its initial budget for the project? Council staff develop each project budget by first determining the building size, site size, and number of parking spaces.

Then it provides this information to a professional cost estimating firm that creates a hard construction cost for the building and site work. To this, staff add all project soft costs, which includes all costs associated with evaluating, selecting, and acquiring a site, analysis required to comply with CEQA, the fee for the architecture and engineering team, geotechnical testing, project management and construction management fees, commissioning fees, and the cost of furniture, fixtures, and equipment. How can the state afford a new courthouse at all, given current state finances?

To fund desperately needed renovations and repairs, penalty assessments and parking offense penalties were increased, and civil filing fee surcharges were created. This ensured a revenue stream to finance courthouse construction and renovations, promising these projects would be paid for from within the court system rather than drawing on the state's General Fund or local taxes. Bonds to finance construction were sold in spring Once the courthouse is completed and occupied, the same revenue stream will repay those bonds over 35 years.

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This means that funds from other court jurisdictions will support the new Sutter Courthouse in years to come. The people of this town an hour north of Sacramento were shocked to learn their eight-term DA had been involved with an escort and was on the wrong side of an arson case. Spokesmen for both agencies have declined to comment. The affair was long over by the time someone set her house on fire, Garibay said, and several other suitors recently had expressed anger, including the married man she sued for child support four days before the arson. The man did not return messages.

Others with a grudge might be the scorned wives of Yuba City. Garibay said she met Citty last winter when she sought out the DA through his Facebook page. He remembered her name. There was a mutual attraction, she said. When the affair ended a month later, they agreed to remain friends. So when her house burned down in July, she called on Adams for support.

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