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WWF WrestleFest

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Just like its predecessor, WrestleFest simulates professional wrestling matches. For example, Ted DiBiase wresyle respond to the "punch" button during a grapple by performing a backbreaker, a piledriver, a suplex, or his Million Dollar Dream finisher. For example, Ted DiBiase may respond to the "punch" button during a grapple by performing a backbreakera piledrivera suplexor his Million Dollar Dream finisher.

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The moveset in WrestleFest differs from WWF Superstars in that more than one maneuver is assigned to each control combination wgestle these vary widely among the characters. Players can perform numerous double team moves. Gameplay[ edit ] Hulk Hogan and Sgt. Also featured is a Road to WrestleMania mode, where the player goes through a series of matches to try and win various WWE titles.

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Reception[ edit ] UK publication Zero gave the game a 3 out of 5, saying that while the graphics were cartoony, the game does "still manage to project the aggression of life in the ring. Downloadable content. The move he performs depends partially on a CPU "variety" sequence and on the energy level of the opponent. In addition to the return of the Saturday Night's Main Event and Royal Rumble game modes, the remake also features standard one-on-one, tag team, steel cage and gauntlet match types. Additionally, after a team member has been on the apron for a certain length of time, they will "power up," temporarily giving them the ability to win all grapples and inflict more damage than usual.

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