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Complete List of WWE Wrestlers Who Are Dating Other WWE Wrestlers

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It was insane, entertaining and it featured an entire hstory of supporting characters. One of those characters was Matt's real life wife, Reby Hardy. If you have followed along with the saga from Impact Wrestling superstags into WWE you'll know that you would be hard datkng to find a more supportive spouse than Reby, both inside or outside the world of professional wrestling. Matt fought tooth and nail to bring the Broken gimmick to WWE and Reby fought every second of that fight right along with him. After spending so much time on the indies before making it to WWE it's understandable that Cole met his potential life partner there, Britt Baker.

It's likely that she might not want to though. She clearly currently enjoys her life on the indies and like any smart athlete should do is training for a time when she can no longer compete. Baker has every intention of going into dentistry when her wrestling years are behind her. Bray Wyatt got himself into a right mess in when he was found to be having an affair with WWE announcer Jojo Offerman. Wyatt was actually married at the time and has two children with his ex wife. Naturally the whole thing was a bit of a mess. Clearly whatever Wyatt and Jojo have wasn't just a fling though as the two of them are still an item today as the dust settles from the beginning of their relationship.

Life on the road can make it tricky for some Superstars to stay faithful and unfortunately some become close to those who they see on almost a daily basis. Clearly that's not the case though as he has landed himself a pretty awesome wife in the form of Renee Young.

The couple aren't the type to flaunt their relationship for all to see but we have had a few glimpses into their personal life. For starters Young was a cast member of Total Divas in the past and with that role it's hard ddating avoid your personal life not being broadcast at least a dwting bit. Onscreen and off, Lita was verbally assaulted with names such as home-wrecker. When Lita retired inshe stayed away from wrestling. But her relationship with CM Punk would bring her back into the headlines. Given her bad relationships in the past, these days Lita prefers to keep her personal life quiet.

This often lead to boos from fans and gave the impression that she was stuck up. There was never a bad word spoken about her and nobody knew any gossip surrounding her personal life. In fact, it was her beliefs that lead her to meet her future husband Geno Benshoof. The two met when she was working in counselling and he was a volunteer at a local church.

Superstars dating history Wwe

After more than a year of dating the couple tied superstarz knot in July and currently reside in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Apparantly, his onscreen character is no different than it is in real life. The two were involved in a long-term relationship before they broke up. In a video posted to her social media site, the Youtube star said that Dolph stood her up! Ziggler is a player.

Plus she is generally not on the testimonials to provide. Poorly The Undertaker split with Lily, eating came so far as to have the risk removed—a painful and key process—before unprecedented on to his annual wife, Michelle McCool. Unforeseen from the configuration though it would seem that the former NXT form has a pretty amazing life, mainly because of who is ideal for him at closed.

Nobody knew she was dating or engaged until photos surfaced of her and Mikaze's backyard wedding. While Sasha works in front of the camera, Mikaze works behind the scenes. Like a few wrestlers, Sasha tends to keep her private life on the down low. Banks has revealed that one of the reasons is due the fans. She even walked down the aisle in Uggs! Not exactly your traditional ceremony, which seemed to have set the tone for the relationship, as the couple never lived together and divorced three years later once they had both started dating other people. While the exact timeline of the relationship is unclear, the estimates are that the two dated from to While Bella and Cena are currently in the friend zone, there is still plenty of reason to hope for a reconciliation.

But don't take my word for it. During the same video in which Bella explains they are currently friends, she also had this to say: We are both working on each other and trying to work on us He is not only my best friend, but he truly is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. However, he became the subject of rumors earlier this year due to his rumored extramarital activities with ring announcer and Total Divas alumna JoJo. Some would argue Wyatt was too open about breaking kayfabe on social media for family pictures and particularly talking about his kids.

However, before there was Stephanie, there was Chyna. The experiment worked and in the meantime, Triple H and Chyna would start a real relationship behind the scenes. In particular, he carved out a legacy for himself in Memphis as a long time wrestling star who also booked and promoted his own territory for a significant chunk of his career, before becoming a broadcasting star and occasional wrestler for WWE. Lawler has notably kept his nose clean when it comes to substance use—including drinking—but has had his issues around women.

Lawler was, at one point, accused of statutory rape.

Supersrars was cleared of all charges, and explained the circumstances handily in his book—mainly that the accusers made up the whole story. However, the situation casts a bit of a dark cloud over his reputation. In a career full of big accomplishments, Lawler would just as soon leave stories of his romantic life forgotten. She won championships and, particularly as a manager to John Morrison, got featured in a number of storylines.

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