What are most intimidating looking dog breeds

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Meeting the scariest-looking pit bull changed how I feel about the breed

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Maybe your pup is one of those breeds that gets mixed up in the bad rep madness. Most breeds are not born dangerous or aggressive.

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intimidzting The Pit Bull The Stereotype: Aggressive, dog fighter, uncontrollable The Truth: They tested American Pit Bull Terriers and Pit Bulls are loving and loyal to their owners, not the monsters some would have you believe. The German Shepherd The Stereotype: Scary, mean, overly protective The Truth: German Shepherds have been used as guard, military and police dogs for nearly a hundred years. The Rottweiler The Stereotype: For most owners, what they really want is a scary looking dog — a dog that can keep strangers or unwanted guests away, regardless of their actual behavior. Protection Dogs Vs.

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Dogs That Provide Protection True protection dogs are exquisitely trained read: Such dogs are trained to use all of the tools at their disposal strong jaws, bone-crushing teeth and powerful neck muscles to stop an attack; some are even trained to restrain the assailant until help arrives. These kinds of dogs are used by K9 police officers, military units, potential kidnapping targets and others who may expect potential danger around every turn. But most people do not need or want such a powerful and potentially dangerous companion at their side — most simply need a dog as a form of deterrence.

Just about any big dog will make the average criminal think twice — many bad guys will even avoid confrontations with small dogs, given their predilection to bark incessantly at any perceived threat. What Makes a Dog Scary or Intimidating? Rather, they are likely to note a few key characteristics when deciding his or her next move. Most intimidating dogs exhibit the following characteristics: Size In this case, bigger is definitively better. A pound pit bull can be incredibly intimidating, while exposing his teeth, barking and lunging at you, but a pound Great Dane barely has to look at you to tighten your sphincter.

Color Some empirical data demonstrates that black dogs are more intimidating than those of other colors. However, it is important to remember that this is only one component of the overall intimidation-factor of a given breed. Is a pound Great Pyrenees more intimidating than a pound Doberman? It depends on the mind of the person giving you the willies. Build Things like a blocky head, large mouth and broad shoulders tend to make a dog look more intimidating.

Consider, for example, pit bulls — one of the smallest breeds to make our sog below. Bark A dog with a rough and tough bark will be enough to make any potential intruder turn tail and run — even if the dog is deep down a big softy. With the correct training and socialization, this breed makes a breees companion Whatt. The Cane Corso Mastiff is a fearless family protector. Dogue de Bordeaux Otherwise known as the French Mastiff, the Dogue de Bordeaux weighs in at pounds and intimidafing about 27 inches tall. Despite its Jabba the Hut like appearance, these are actually one of the sweetest dogs you will ever come across.

This breed becomes extremely attached and devoted to their family. Once inside, I was face-to-face with the biggest dog I had ever met. Linda was trying to restrain his excitement, but any average person would have a hard time hanging on to this guy. I gave her a nod to indicate it was fine to let him go. She did and he barreled into me and jumped up to give me the biggest, most slobbery kiss. My dogs are white and that meant there was a chance they could be deaf Linda told me that from the beginning, Mr. Bones was never aggressive toward people. Even when he was injured he was very sweet.

Neighborhood dogs would attack him, but no one ever broke up the fights. As a result, he has multiple scars all over his face and body. Due to his experiences, he is suspicious of any dog that comes near him. Virtually fearless and able to exhibit ferocious behavior these dogs have long been a favourite for hunting bears. This is also the breed of dog used to patrol the border between East and West Germany during the Cold War. Accompanying this size and power is a strong will and a loyalty which will see the dog attack practically anything when it feels its owner is under threat.

Still favoured amongst dog fighters in Russia this dog is banned in some countries and restricted in others.

It tends to be significantly smaller in Japan but has been bred for size in the West. The danger posed from this dog comes from its size, strength and fighting credentials. Usually a very calm breed, good training and an experienced owner is essential for the Tosa. Without this the potential for this dog to do damage is unlimited and fatal attacks have occurred. For this reason the Tosa Inu is banned in a whole list of countries. Its enormous, square head is almost as wide as it is long. Bred as a fighting dog they retain a good degree of this aggression making them only suitable for experienced dog owners.

It is also said they gain aggression in numbers as they are pack dogs. This is certainly borne out by a number of fatal attacks most notably that of a San Francisco woman who was torn apart by a pair of these dogs owned by her neighbour.

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