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They also have more coverage of the Near 21 All-Ireland competitions and date competitions. Cula 4 na N-Og tapered airing from.

TG4 have broadcast all series of the American version of Survivor with an Irish-language voice over. InTG4 launched a new dating show called Pioc do Ride where contestants choose a date from three potential partners based only on their car. In TG4 won major critical acclaim for their political satirical comedy The Running Mate and for the programme Seacht which follows the lives of seven college students in Belfast.

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Nello was another well received travel show looking at life in middle America. In TG4 launched their search for the best farmer in Ireland. Praise for TG4 drama[ edit Wattch "The reality is that Irish-language television dramas, no matter how acclaimed or however many awards they might win, are unlikely to show up in box set form in any DVD mega-store. TnaG aired Northern Exposure. TG4 commissioned two reality talent shows for the channel from Adare Productions. TG4 presents a number of six awards for Irish traditional music, celebrating and giving due recognition to the recordings, broadcasts and live performances of the recipients of the awards: TG4 previously held a long-term agreement with HBO to air the majority of their programmes on the channel.

It was a boutique version of Xating Byrne 's unreasonable ar from the s. Cliff name. Complex to TG4, the site-up service has had over 2 weaving seconds in a recent technological.

In Autumnthe broadcaster started moving away from US imports instead focusing on successful European drama series from the Nordic countries. This was followed by their successful teen drama Aifric. The second series of Feirm Factor was broadcast from January to March It will mark Ireland's first participation in the contest and the first time since that Irish will be heard at a Eurovision event. TG4 have won major national and international awards for their marketing campaigns and their programmes: TG4 has created a TG4 Films department which invests in Irish-speaking films and mainstream Irish films such as the critically acclaimed Room.

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