Validating xml documents against schema documents

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Validate an XML file

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Namespace Routing Language This is not technically a schema language. Its sole purpose is to direct parts of documents to individual schemas based on the namespace of the encountered elements. This allows each schema to be concerned with only its own language definition, and the NRL file routes the schema validator to the correct schema file based on the namespace of that element. This XML format is schema-language agnostic and works for just about any schema language. Terminology[ edit ] Capitalization in the schema word: Schema authoring choices[ edit ] The focus of the schema definition is structure and some semantics of documents. However, schema design, just like design of databases, computer program, and other formal constructs, also involve many considerations of style, convention, and readability.

Extensive discussions of schema design issues can be found in for example Maler [10] and DeRose For example, it would be unusual to create a schema where some element names are CamelCase but others use underscores to separate parts of names, or other conventions. Clear and mnemonic names As in other formal languages, good choices of names can help understanding, even though the names per se have no formal significance.

Naming the appropriate tag "chapter" rather than "tag37" documdnts a help to the reader. At the same time, this brings in issues of the choice of natural language. A schema to be used for Irish Gaelic documents will probably use the same language for element and attribute names, since that will be the language common to editors and readers. Tag vs attribute choice Some information can "fit" readily in either an element or an attribute. Because attributes cannot contain elements in XML, this question only arises for components that have no further sub-structure that XML needs to be aware of attributes do support multiple tokens, such as multiple IDREF values, which can be considered a slight exception.

Xml against documents schema documents Validating

Attributes typically represent information associated with the entirety of the element on which they occur, while sub-elements introduce a new scope of their own. Text content Some XML schemas, particularly ones that represent various kinds of documentsensure that all "text content" roughly, any part that one would speak if reading the document aloud occurs as text, and never in attributes. However, there are many edge cases where this does not hold: First, there are XML documents which do not involve "natural language" at all, or only minimally, such as for telemetry, creation of vector graphics or mathematical formulae, and so on.

Second, information like stage directions in plays, verse numbers in Classical and Scriptural works, and correction or normalization of spelling in transcribed works, all pose issues of interpretation that schema designers for such genres must consider. All schema languages offer some tools for example, include and modularization control over namespaces and recommend reuse where practical. Various parts of the extensive and sophisticated Text Encoding Initiative schemas are also re-used in an extraordinary variety of other schemas.

Semantic vs syntatic[ dubious — discuss ] Except for a RDF-related one, no schema language express vocuments semantic, only structure and data-types. Add the following data to the XML document to represent a product in a catalog: Select the Text File type, and then click Open. Reopen Product. Visual Studio or Visual Studio.

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NET displays a new file named Module1. At the beginning of this file, add two Imports statements, as follows: Imports System. Set this property to DTD, as follows: DTD If any validation errors occur, the validating reader generates a validation event. Add the following code to register a validation event handler you will implement the MyValidationEventHandler subroutine in step 8 of this section: AddHandler v. If any validation errors occur, MyValidationEventHandler will be called to handle the error. This subroutine will set isValid to False see step 8 of this section.

You can check the status of isValid after validation to see whether the document is valid or invalid.

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