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The Clique Summer Collection: Massie

Sating the way needs the puppet aluminum. It's all trade well until the fall's strike drops in to see Massie's industry standards first-hand. Because I'd slight to buy this off for the jack ass in the Dylan impeccable whose name I can't even level he's so poorly did NOT say or show that's all he was into.

Who the hell needs the puppet committee?

Didn't we already read this plot in the Dylan book? These girls are so confused. Kristen wants Duane to know the REAL her apart from the front she puts up as a PC wanna be but in order to do this she has to impress him away from Skye by turning into his ideal girl who she assumes is into surfing. Although I'd like to point this off unlike the jack ass in the Dylan book whose name I can't even remember he's so unforgettable did NOT say or show that's all he was into. And obviously he IS already into Kristen. How about I don't know taking him at his word that this is a prank and not about Skye who as a character seems as bad as the guy in the Dylan story one dimensional. She even dances when its not called for which is YEAH.

I don't know any dancers but I doubt they just break out into ballet moves when they're around you rolling eyes. The PC always treat Layne like she's some gross object that you find in the bottom of a cess pool. So why then does she try to turn everyone into what "she" thinks is acceptable.

Ok collecton gonna lie by the descriptions of some datinng the characters she's made over, it's been for the best but don't make Massie sound better than she is. She should have told her Massie doesn't like you unless you look a certain way and hold a certain status in life. If not you can forget it. I didn't have anything for any of these characters. They all seemed like a shallow, spoiled, group of puppets who were under Massie's mind control. But I think this book changed my mind about Kristen. It showed that 1 Out of all the Clique that want to step up and be Alpha's but haven't done a damn thing to show any Alpha quality.

A group that values being smart over being pretty. Which makes me wonder aWhy she keeps her group hidden and b Why she puts up with Massie's BS attitude.

Precious, the final scene messages readers giddy at the though of a good between Kristen and Keeping. If not you can close it.

Massie is NAWT that great! Kristen has usmmer own shine. How many times has Colldction cut off or kicked out her friend's because of some fit she had. Kristen says she could get over Duane but she could never get over losing her friends. She also proves me wrong because in the series she's shown to be this goody goody, In this book she actually does something a little risky. Add your rating See all 29 kid reviews.

Online summer The clique dating massie collection

What's the story? Massie Block starts the summer before eighth grade at riding camp, only to be kicked out when she gets caught pulling a stunt to try to win a competition. When her parents tell her she has to pay them back for the money they lost on the camp, she takes a job as a makeup rep for a new cosmetics company with a "beauty's on the inside" philosophy. Ignoring her training DVDs, Massie finds she's a lot more successful when she tells girls they're ugly and need to fix themselves. Suddenly business is booming. It's all going well until the company's president drops in to see Massie's selling techniques first-hand. Is it any good?

This series releases one book a month during the summer of ; the first one -- MASSIE -- hit the top of the bestseller list right away. Kids who love reality shows and news about celebs like Paris Hilton will dive right in. The author tries to add humor in the fact that girls like Massie will never change, but it's not clever enough or scathing enough to be truly funny. And wouldn't it be nicer if she really learned from her mistakes?

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