Smsmse virus definitions date not updating

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You must be broken to successfully run LiveUpdate when looking on with this sum. Canton.

Set the start time to 2 AM. Leave Every Definitione checked. Leave the Start date as today's date. Enter the user name and password of the account that will run the task. You must be able to successfully run LiveUpdate when logged on with this account. Check Open advanced properties for this task when I click Finish.

Click Finish. In the Run box, add -s to the end of the path. The -s will cause the task to run silently. The run line will look similar to this: Use a frequency and time that is appropriate for your environment. In the right panel click Create Basic Task. Description is optional. In the Task Trigger dialog box select Daily. Workaround Use one of the following workarounds: Configure LiveUpdate to have a longer timeout.

Configuring a longer timeout may reduce the frequency of LiveUpdate timeouts. Definihions the definitons issue may continue to occur until the networking issue is resolved. Open the LiveUpdate configuration file Settings. It may be necessary to change the file to have Write permissions. Windows Default location is C: Find and change the following settings: Select 6 hours from the Run every dropdown. Click the Deploy changes button. In some situations the networking issues occur infrequently.

Not date Smsmse definitions updating virus

If that is the case then having Smdmse run more frequently may allow the signature downloads to complete occasionally during the day. This may allow the signatures to be kept up to date. By comparing the packets in the two traces it is possible to determine if the timeout is caused by Symantec download sites or inside the network. If the Windows Firewall is turned on a basic troubleshooting step of turning the Windows Firewall off may show if the Firewall is the cause of the timeouts.

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