Sharepoint chart web part not updating

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In this article we will be exploring one of the options, which is the "Chart Web Prat that facilitates the displaying of data in a chart Sharepoin. In this article, we will show you how to display or create a chart using Excel data. We will be creating a chart which will display different product sales, combined on yearly basis. To begin, we create an Excel document which has sample sales data of different products and upload it to a SharePoint library. A window will pop up with several categorized options of web parts.

From the list of configuration options, click Behaviors and choose web part Connectivity Behavior.

Not updating Sharepoint web chart part

Click the Settings button at the top of the panel. Select the applicable layer from the drop-down menu on the web part Connectivity Connection panel and click OK on each chadt the panels to close the configuration panel. You must click Apply on the ArcGIS Cyart web part properties pane vhart persist the selected layer for web part communication. Ensure pop-ups are allowed in your browser for the current SharePoint site; otherwise, the SharePoint Choose Connections dialog box will not appear. In web part communication, setting the ArcGIS Maps web part to Send Row To the List web part allows you to select a feature on the map and have the list filtered to show only the selected items.

In the workflow below, the map web part that contains the States layer is set as the provider. When a state feature is selected on the map, the Cities list filters to show only those cities located in the selected state. Choose Get Filter Values from in the drop-down list.

In Workbook Display, select uploaded Excel file using Browse option. Named Item: Click OK. Microsoft said in their announcement that this web part was one of their most requested tools for SharePoint and it's easy to see why. This web part saves a ton of time searching for the previous documents you were just collaborating on a few minutes or a few days ago. Rather than showing "most used" documents, the My Recent Documents web part is aware of who is signed in and gives them a unique, relevant experience to the content and information they need to do their job more efficiently.

The original version of this web part enabled you to embed simple pie or column-type charts to your SharePoint page. This new update allows users to instantly create professional-looking charts either by selecting data from a SharePoint list on a site or by manually entering the data in the Quick Chart web part edit pane: We found the previous incarnation of the Quick Chart could be a clunky and time consuming—especially when having to enter in each data point and label manually. The New Name dialog box appears.

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In the Name box, type a name for the item. In the Scope list, select Workbook. It's important that you select Workbook so that you can locate the named item outside of the worksheet that contains it. Use the Refers to box to confirm that the range of selected cells that is correct.

Sharepoit adjustments as necessary. We can set its chart name in a Name Box of the sheet. Make sure this name is used in the web part configuration step. Please refer the below screenshot.

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