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Claudio Linati Carl Nebel Most owners of large and profitable haciendas preferred to live in Spanish cities, often near the ecomendero, but in Mexico, the richest datng lived in Mexico City, visiting their haciendas at intervals. Administrators were often hired for a fixed term of employment, receiving a salary and at times some share of the profits of the estate. Some administrators also acquired landholdings themselves in the area of the estate they were managing. In central Mexico near indigenous communities and growing crops to supply urban markets, there was often a small, permanent workforce resident on the hacienda.

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Labor could be recruited from nearby indigenous communities on an as-needed basis, such as planting and harvest time. In some places Que es encomendero yahoo dating scale cultivators or campesinos worked small holdings belonging to the hacendado, and owed a portion of their crops to him. In a number of places, the economy of the 18th century was largely a barter system,[ citation needed ] with little specie circulated on the hacienda. Stock raising was central to ranching haciendas, the largest of which were in areas without dense indigenous populations, such as northern Mexico, but as indigenous populations declined in central areas, more land became available for grazing.

Developed as a means of securing an adequate and cheap labor supply, the encomienda was first used over the conquered Moors of Spain. Transplanted to the New World, it gave the conquistador control over the native populations by requiring them to pay tribute from their lands, which were "granted" to deserving subjects of the Spanish crown. The natives often rendered personal services as well. In return the grantee was theoretically obligated to protect his wards, to instruct them in the Christian faith, and to defend their right to use the land for their own subsistence.

When first applied in the West Indies, this labor system wrought such hardship that the population was soon decimated. That was confirmed and supplemented Texto literario yahoo dating similar awards in and That was a standard action of conquerors to document their services to the crown and requests for rewards. Some version of his account circulated in central Mexico in the s Texto literario yahoo dating s, prior to its seventeenth-century publication. He was alive on 1 January, but on 3 January, his son, Francisco, appeared before the Texto literario yahoo dating of Guatemala and informed them that his father had died. An expanded and Texto literario yahoo dating copy of the manuscript kept in Guatemala was sent to Spain and published, with revisions, in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Elite dating datijg in nz This article's lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents. Please consider expanding the lead to provide an Texto literario yahoo dating overview Texto literario yahoo dating all important aspects of the article. Please discuss this issue on the article's talk page. Oxford University Texto literario yahoo dating.

Encomendeo, "Beyond Utopia and Encomwndero The Conquest of New Spain. Editores Mexicanos Unidos, S. Historia de una historia: Estudios de Historia Novohispana in Spanish. Encomienda Indian yahoo Spanish missions in the Americas. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. They were ambushed but managed to retreat, after killing 15 locals and having 15 wounded, 2 of whom later died. Upon leaving, the Spaniards captured 2 encomenddro who would be translators in future expeditions. The Spanish almost died of thirst and sailed to Florida in search of potable drinking water. As they were digging a well on the beach, the Spaniards were attacked by locals. During this fracas, one Spaniard was captured by the native Floridians while the Spanish killed 22 natives.

The Spanish managed to make a retreat but were also able to gather some water. They returned to Cuba, all of them severely wounded. This work also claims to describe the diverse native peoples living in the territory renamed New Spain by the Spaniards. True History remains one of the best accounts we have of Mexico at the time of the conquest, but its purpose and style betrays some of the biases that appear in this so-called truthful history. That was confirmed and supplemented by similar awards in and

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