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MTV's Hit Matchmaking Series ARE YOU THE ONE? SEASON OF FATE to Premiere This August

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Along the way, they drink, hookup, fight, aer on dates, rinse, lather, repeat. Throughout AYTO's seven-season run, just one season has failed to win the MMtv though one cast had their prize money cut in half with then suffered a "black-out" aka they failed to find any perfect matches one weekand while it wasn't looking good for season seven's cast heading into last night's finale, with just two confirmed perfect matches, they pulled off a miracle. The idiots actually won the damn money! But did they also find true love?

Unsurprisingly, Chloe is restored for a man who can range her last, but everyone seems to death short. And clad about the configuration of competition a season with gay or supermarket cast members, he stressed:.

While Are You The One? Well, there is yhe interesting thing to note: One one confirmed perfect match is still together, while the rest of the pairs that met through the show are either no matches or were on different seasons completely. Here are the couples that have managed to stay together or find love after MTV's cameras stopped rolling and the beams powered down Scarlet, 3, datinv the couple welcome little sister, Serena, this past June. Oh, and they are actually the only perfect match meaning they were paired by the experts FYI that are still together post-show.

Well here it is: They have kids together. Love you, Daddy Diamond! You're one in a bazillion! Sparks flew while they were off-screen. They're both active on social media and YouTube. The couple didn't need a beam of light or MTV matchmakers to tell them they were in love, and they began dating after the show. The couple is a big hit on YouTubewhere they document vacations, photography tutorials, and, most recently, how to make the best Bolognese. She admits that her taste in men sucks. Lauren goes for partying bad boys and gets bad relationships in return. Will Lauren be able to move past the bad-boy exterior and find the guy who appreciates all of her layers?

Lewis BeltCast Member Lewis Belt A comedian by trade, Lewis is known for his sense of humor and, according to him, his dashing good looks. Tthe Lewis is not known for is his relationship success. Will Lewis be able eating bust sre of his comedic shell and risk being vulnerable to find true love? Maria falls in love quickly. Combine that with her attraction to emotionally unavailable men, and you get a relationship disaster. As a result, Maria is afraid of letting guys get close and is quick to cut things off before really giving them a chance. Will Maria move past her hurt feelings and open up to a man who can open up to her in return? Push the right buttons, and Moe can turn into a total jerk.

Will Thf be able to leave his jerk side at the door and channel his positive community-building side toward building a successful long-term relationship? Unfortunately, her no-filter approach and controlling tendencies usually scare men away. Can Afe let her guard down and put her datinng on the line to find love? When that ended, she decided to break from tradition and find a man who is truly worth her while. Can Nutsa bring her expectations down to earth so that she can recognize a real-life Prince Charming, and not a fairy-tale one, when she sees him? Unsurprisingly, Samantha is looking for a man who can match her ambition, but everyone seems to fall short.

Furthermore, her blunt and down-to-business manner of dating leaves little room for romance and leaves her dates feeling more like an interview. Will Samantha learn to let her heart lead her love life and give a guy the chance to show her who he really is?

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