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RegardsFor those interested in this plugin, let me give you my experience. We bought the dating plugin from datingsolutions. We immediately ran into issues. We provided the company with our hosting details and they never looked at it. They simply sent ff a Renconhre version and told us to use that.

Rencontres hommes Meetic

They had our details and list of bugs for almost a month and never even tried to correct them. They simply sent us a new version without even testing it to ensure that it had corrected the bugs. The end result is that we lost a lot of down time and money because of this plugin. We asked for a refund and told us that we could not have it. This plugin does not work with that theme. The dating plugin is not hence the issues you will have with it. You will run into issues the very minute you install it. Unfortunately there are no other alternatives to Renconter. They are the only WP dating plugin provider that is a plugin.

That is what turned us on with the dating plugin by datingsolutions. So what are the basic requirements for honme dating plugin in Homme fr Rencontre meetic? What if someone had to start building one the right way, from scratch. What would you ask him to build. Fr Rencontre homme meetic? That would be helpful for developers including myself who are not familiar with dating websites in RRencontre to build a better solution. We appreciate you continuing the conversation here. Rencontres sociales montreal?

We provide free support and we help our customers meet the requirements of their dating sites as far as possible. For this, we update our plugin with new feature additions, remove unwanted features and Meetic rencontres hommes bugs that are reported to us. You have that screenshot in the email that we sent you. Fr homme meetic Rencontre? That was the point when you decided to refuse our services when we are stilling willing to fix your problem. Also, there was the need of fixing your site because we had just released the new version and were still in process of bug fixing.

And we sent you the link of older version because you wanted to launch your site and as you requested, we wanted it to use stable version. That too was an option for you as we provide updated versions for Meetic rencontres hommes to our customers. Oh wait, you have one success. The company has been around for five years and you have one success. You had ample time to fix the bugs and you chose not to. You had them for for a month. I stand behind my statement that this plugin will not Rencontre meetic fr homme you a real dating site. There are other solutions out there like whiteboxdating.

In our 2 monthly releases we add many new features and improvements. Well, in my opinion, mertic is a very bad idea to build a dating site on Hommd. WordPress is not for that and it can also be very dangerous to base a such Web service on WP. Finally, Everyone knows that WP is very famous we know a lot of popular blogs running on Renconhre, but do you know any popular dating site running on it There is zero. If you still want to build a Web dating business, Recently I discovered a professional dating site builder. Meetic fr homme Rencontre?

I just test it on local and and was doing its job Rdncontre well and looks really good and professional. A very powerful and flexible free plugin. I am sure they have got one eRncontre you. They responded on my first, but never got back to me on my meeic email. I was going to Rencontde the multisite version if thats how they respond to potential customers, what will they support look like after I purchase the plugin?. Rencontre meetic fr homme for all the comments here guys!. We are specialist in custom E-Cigarette boxes at your own desire. Get our e cigarette boxes are enough to show your style.

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