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Esperanto is a constructed language developed in late s by L. Zamenhof that single seized by a movement to promote the language as a universal language to promote world peace and unity. The museum includes a selection of books, posters, and other items in Esperanto as well as videos and narration on the history of the language. If you are feeling adventurous you can even take a lesson in Esperanto! This is a perfect place for linguistics nerds or fans of history in general to find someone who speaks their language. For a bit to eat in a classic Austrian ambiance, grab a table at the Esterhazykeller.

This former wine cellar offers up classic Austrian fare such as weiner schnitzel and potatoes in a laid back atmosphere with dark wood with paintings of historical figures on the wall.

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As a bonus this restaurant has a role in the history of Austria, frequented by soldiers fighting the Ottomans austgia the 16th century and even said to have been veinna by the composer Joseph Hayden. If you are eager to learn, take a look at the Natural History Museum. The exhibits in the museum cover a range of sciences including biology, geology, and astrophysics. There is quite a bit to see here, from dinosaur skeletons, to an extensive collection of stuffed animals and minerals, to the planetarium. At this yearly event, you can hear the renowned Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra play.

You could also attend none of their many other concerts held throughout the year. This is a great option for music lovers, or anyone who plays an instrument. You can use the concert as fodder for conversation as you walk about during intermission and chat up women who have shown up for the concert. If you prefer to read, you should stop in at one of the locations of the Vienna Public Library. Anyone hanging out the library is likely to be someone well-educated or someone who really likes to learn. You're already one step closer to finding your Soulmate! Chat with Local People Near you! Its your Turn to Meet Someone Amazing The hottest and most effective online dating site on the web today.

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As an established online dating site, matchmaking is our specialty and what we do best. It has a per capita GDP of 34, Mwet which is not only higher compared to most cities of the continent but is in fact almost evenly distributed among the population which makes it even easier to meet single and successful men. Bankers, wealth managers, insurance providers and investment consultants are here not only to offer advice to the super-wealthy of the city to but to make a pretty handsome packet themselves. Among the best ways to come across finance professionals is to hang out at the pubs and cafes of the central business district of the city where bankers and accountants can be found unwinding after work or networking with potential business clients.

Explore wealthy expats Vienna is home to several high-profile multinational companies and international organizations. All these factors provide Vienna with a large well-to-do expatriate population comprising of diplomats, lobbyists, economists, scientists, interpreters and related professionals. A single from the expat segment can provide a luxurious dating experience with all their resources and years of travelling across the world. One of the best ways to come across them is to frequent convention centers and business hotels where most of the international conferences take place. Corporate conventions and congresses play an important role in Vienna's economy.

According to the Vienna Tourist Board, this activity alone accounts for approximately 9 percent of overnight stays in the city.

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