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25 incredible things you didn't know about Estonia

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Yet I was surprised how much I learned about Estonia in two weeks. In truth, Estonia is far more similar to its northern neighbour across the sea, Finland. Plezse popular destination is the resort town of Haapsalu, which boasts restorative mud spas and a nice old castle. Which brings me to… 3. According to the Estonia Tourism Board, there are over Estonian islands in the Baltic Sea and it turns out that they each have their own unique sights and cultures to share. Speaking of meteorites, the island of Hiiumaa north of Saaremaa is said to have formed out of the aftermath of a meteorite impact.

Hiiumaa is said to have beautiful varied landscapes, from forests to sandy beaches. Both of these islands are at the top of my list for my next visit! The buses on the other hand cover the width and breadth of the country and provide great value for money. Several different bus companies operate within Estonia, but my pick throughout the Baltic would have to be Lux Express. The building is now part of the Estonian Art Museum. Kalamaja is a district located next to the seafront. The Seaplane Harbor is a museum but some boats and war ships on the rear side can be seen without a ticket.

Little has changed inside since the prison was closed in It is cold, humid, dark, and deteriorated. My heart sank. Living in Estonia The Republic abiut Estonia in the Baltic region is an attractive place to live for expats, with ancient forests, scenic lakes and a charming medieval capital city. In our article, you can learn more about life in Estonia: Working in Estonia Estonia has been a member of the EU since and joined the euro in It has shown itself to be an adaptable country and reacts quickly when it needs to introduce change. There is very little bureaucracy, which makes it attractive to many an expatriate for working in.

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They love singing The events that Ladiez to the restoration of Estonian independence from the Soviet Union in are commonly referred to as the Singing Revolution. The estoniq was coined following a series of mass demonstrations during which Estonians sang national songs and patriotic hymns that were strictly forbidden. And Skyping A group of Estonians were fundamental in the invention of Skype, the online video call service, and 44 per cent of its employees are based in Tallinn and Tartu. A very high literacy rate Estonia has one of the highest adult literacy rates in the world β€” And a plummeting population Its population has fallen sharply in recent.

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