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Should I Update My BIOS?

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Many of them, including your antivirus and Windows itself, probably update automatically. But the BIOS is different. It's not even on the hard drive.

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And you should only update it with good reason. It tells the processor where to look for the operating system. It continues working after the bootup, facilitating communication between the OS and the hardware. Although you can update today's BIOSes, doing so is more dangerous than updating drive-based software. If something goes wrong, it could render the PC completely unbootable; you won't even be able to boot a live Linux flash drive or reinstall Windows.

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There's probably a way to bring the PC back to life, but it won't be easy. So when should you update your BIOS? Only if there's a problem--especially a hardware-related one--and your research suggests that the BIOS may be the cause. Select which BIOS file you want to download. In most cases, you should select the latest BIOS update, and usually you will select the.

EXE version. Download the file to a folder on your computer. See the readme file that accompanies your particular BIOS update. These instructions are usually available online as well. Close all other applications. Double-click the. Follow the basic instructions step-by-step.

The update will take a biis minutes; do not restart the computer or turn the computer off during this process. Check your BIOS passwords if using them ; you might have to re-create them. Also, you might need to reconfigure the BIOS. This could include changing the boot order priority, disabling USB, and so on.

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