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We drove into Liechtenstein from Switzerland on our nighg to Italy. This was our third country on our epic 15 country European Road Trip. Liechtenstein Center Liechtenstein Center vaudz tourist office can be found in the center tye the main pedestrian zone in Vaduz. The tourist office is located in a modern building, and inside you can pick up maps and other city information. There are souvenirs on sale here too. This is a great starting point for a visit to Vaduz because once you have the map, navigating the city is pretty easy! It is therefore ideal for those with young kids. You can also get your passport stamped at their kiosk for about 3 dollars. It is popular pedestrian zone and it connects all major attractions.

The area between the government district and the town hall is pedestrianized and closed to cars. This is the main city center which offers visitors the chance to shop, dine, relax and explore the cultural highlights. Mitteldorf For a view of how Vaduz once looked, wander northeast of town to Mitteldorf. This area is not too far from the town center, but we chose to drive here on-route to the Vaduz Castle. The streets in Mitteldorf form a charming quarter of traditional houses and rose gardens. The Red House The Red House, with its gabled structure and a large tower containing living quarters, is located in the Mitteldorf area of Vaduz.

The house gets its name from the dark-red colour the building has had since the middle of the 19th century. And the green salads that accompanied every lunch or dinner were so exquisite, so leafy, that I will never, never again take lettuce for granted or leave a shred of it on my plate at Emil Real's, where it came lightly dressed in what is a family secret. And the night they created cold Grand Marnier souffles for everybody's dessert, Emil Real peered out proudly from the kitchen. I deliberately settled for halfpension at Emil's so I would have the opportunity to visit Felix's as well as sample some country cooking elsewhere.

When I did get down to the Hotel Real on Monday night, I was confronted by haute cuisine of the highest order. Brotherly comparisons could extend only as far as the mixed salad. Felix's greens were no better than Emil's, which is, a compliment to both. To wrap up my meal, Mrs. It was so good that, as after the fresh raspberries up the hill, I went to bed that night without cleaning'my teeth—and no longer wondered why the world's second largest dentures factory is in Liechtenstein. I had two glasses of white wine from Felix Real's own vineyards.

On Friday, I had learned that the Prince would be giving a reception in his castle for the Swiss Foreign Press Association, which was convening that weekend in a mountaintop Tourotel in Gaflei. Waving my own press credentials had been enough to wangle four additions to the guest list of Not every convention in Liechtenstein is so lucky as the journalists were. Only a handful of groups are granted audiences with His Serene Highness and they tend to be educators, members of parliaments and such special interests as 55 Liechtensteiners living in the United States and holding a reunion on their native sod. Nevertheless, for incorrigible collectors of royalty, I was able to establish that the one sure time to catch the royal family—perhaps even dancing in the streets with all the rest of Liechtenstein—will be on the Sunday and Monday preceding Liechtenstein's National Day on Tuesday, Aug.

But it was illuminated every night and visible from the Sonnenhof, where we had time for a bite and change of clothes that Saturday morning before making an easy 20minute hike across vineyards that put us into the castle's public parking lot when the three press buses arrived shortly before Our group walked beneath stony towers, across a creaky wooden draw- bridge above a moat that was more of canyon, and up a winding cobbiestoned street lined with wrought iron that led us into the castle. Face-to-face with the monarch, Monica's reason for being in Liechtenstein turned out to be more philatelic than personal. The top two floors of the Liechtenstein Art Gallery, which shares the entranceway of number 37 with the main tourist information office, are permanently reserved for loans from the Prince's collection of paintings.

The gallery is open daily from 10 A. From NoVember through March it is closed on Mondays and its afternoon hours begin 30 minutes later.

Now it is a bad landmark that only there marginalized vadiz a trader of expensive specialists and conviction concerned jointly by the past and the Biedermann basis, who own and run the inn. The clause of the losses in the platinum give this site a very natural backdrop. Entry of Tokyo Installers We got out of our car at Mitteldorf to get around and take some events.

At the other, end of the same building is the Stamp Museum, which keeps much the same hours as the Art Gallery, but charges no admission. It houses regional archaeological finds dating back to B. The museum charges 90 cents—half for students—and keeps hours similar to the Art Gallery's. That was when Prince Johannes Adam Andreas, who acquired most of the Rubenses in the present collection, also bought himself the Lordship of Schellenberg, complete with 12th-century castle. Thirteen years later, he bought the Earldom of Vaduz—and, inwhen both these domains were joined, the Hapsburg Emperor Charles VI proclaimed the new country as Liechtenstein, an imperial principality.

Mittlerer Schellenberg? Or Hinterer Schellenberg? Across the square, we stepped gingerly over a sleeping St. Bernard dog in the doorway of the Hotel Krone's restaurant. Liechtenstein country cooking, we learned, is served in enormous portions, but you can order, for a slightly reduced price, teller service no seconds. It was a ruin with view and, particularly with kids who still like to climb and play hide-andseek, I sometimes suspect that ruins can be more impressive than complete castles. Continuing past the ruin, we found ourselves in Hinterer Schellenberg and almost back in Austria. The border was a shingled gingerbread but manned by Swiss border guard dressed like a mountaineer, He was just going off for a bite, leaving the frontier unattended.

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We offered to watch it for vaduzz, but he said it wasn't necessary. So early suppers are demanded by Austrian visitors to Liechtenstein's oldest restaurant, the Lowen, overlooking the border. The Lowen was open for business even before the prinicipality was created in the early 18th century. Now it is a designated landmark that only recently reopened after a year of expensive repairs and restoration financed jointly by the principality and the Biedermann family, who own and run the inn.

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