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Duggar Family Daughters Reveal Christian Dating Rules, Say They Avoid Men So They Don't Sin

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So far, it seems as if all the married Duggar siblings have followed suit. Only after they are married do Duggars do anything completely alone — which of course includes having sex. TLC on YouTube The ultimate goal of courting, according to Michelle Duggar, is to discover if you're compatible with that other person.

Daughter dating rules Duggar

It's about getting to know each other in a safe setting — and sometimes, the end result is realizing that person isn't "the one. You know, with the exception of Josh's marital issues. Think about it. He's rarely, if ever, seen on TLC's Counting On, the family's reality series which basically pays everyone's bills. Unlike his siblings who feel comfortable living that Duggar life, he's content doing his own thing, personally and professionally. It was John David who decided to court Abbie in secret, we're told, out of the spotlight, so that he could live his life as he saw fit.

A gender dynamic can't be overlooked. John David can clearly get away with things his sisters can't, including his twin Jana. There are rukes lot of things you can learn from not pairing off alone. Brothers know best. All of the Duggar boys have been chaperones to Ben and Jessa, even the younger ones who will go along with them to a coffee shop or out to dinner. Jim Bob and Michelle say there is something special about the way brothers size up a potential suitor. Courting couples: At left, Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard.

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Ur parents r watching. Fans think she either used birth control or struggled with infertility. The Duggars let one of their sons slide on this rule. Joseph Duggar and his girlfriend traveled without a chaperone Joseph Duggar duggarfam via Instagram The Duggars are very strict about unwed couples requiring a chaperone for any excursion. Overnight trips together?

Those are out of the question. But the family bent the rules a little bit when Joseph Duggar and the woman he was courting, Kendra Caldwell, requested to go on a mission trip to Panama. Perhaps they allowed the breach in the protocol because the trip was church-focused and other adults would be there. He married into a strict family, but ignored this one rule. Derick Dillard got caught dancing Derick Dillard and wife Jill Duggar Derick Dillard via Instagram In the Duggar household, there is no such thing as listening to non-religious music, and dancing is also forbidden. But a video surfaced that showed Derick Dillard, the husband of Jill Duggar, dancing around a bonfire at what appeared to be a wild party.

How very un-Duggar-like of him.

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