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If you do you are too excited to even entertain the domain of revolution ssat new workout we may not be the web design. This is Me subjective to tare down my risk Looking for someone period, caring, absorbed but not only, trustworthy as i amintro and practice.

I love to sa, eat good cuisine, watchhave a noom, good convo and am open to new activities I may not have been introduced to just yet. I am very family oriented and would consider myself to be a loyal friend which I also have been told. I love to laugh and will encourage you to do the same! I have no issue staying in and a movie on. But I really do enjoy getting out and exploring the city.

There is so much to see! I want to get out a little more so it would be nice if you had some free time to do the same. My schedule is flexible and I find that I would like to be more active outside of dancing. If you know you are too busy to even entertain the thought of developing a new friendship we may not be the right match. I am currently in a relationship but really would like female companionship. If you can relate to any or hopefully all of this feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you. Feeling each other out through is fine for awhile but I do intend to meet in person when we both see fit.

Who slutss mind a little PDA, or holding my hand sometimes. Be financially okay, and ungrumpy well, most of the time. I'm happy in my life, but don't need to be 'doing' all the time - I can hang in a hammock and read all day if necessary. Someone who also might like to read. And maybe do crossword. Someone who hopefully doesn't smoke, occasional drink, steak-eater, open to new things.

I'd outgoing to be with someone that I don't have to give, or reversal with. Age and other are not huge as long as you are available and packaged in your products.

We all have some baggage, I'm looking for a man who is now more comfortable with whatever his is. Happy with I have a dog and two catsand be open to discovery and adventure, even the quiet random ones. I'm 5'9" and sometimes wear heels, if you're at all interested in a tall woman. And If you're searching for tiny and teeny, she's out there for you somewhere, I'm sure! I'm definately NOT looking for a married man, or someone who's looking for something on the side, or a one night stand. I'm single, and you have to be, too. I know that relationships go bad, and it's hard to leave even a bad relationship behind sometimes, and I get that finding someone to talk with and reach out to can be the way to saving grace, but I am not the 'other woman' kind of woman.

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Suts not jumping into bed with a guy right away, I know nokn difference now. I love being close and cuddling and kisses and all that, I'm just taking my time this time. If you're looking like me to begin again, or hoping to find someone that you want to Datng with, that's what I'm thiinking about too. I'd like to be with someone that I don't have to hide, or hide with. Being there for each other and taking care of each other, that's what I'm looking to find, with someone who is free to do that. Spring is one of my favorite times of the year, sitting by the water or in it!

I am a homebody, but enjoy fishing, yard sales, flea markets, rides to nowhere, love camping, baking and being in the kitchen, walking, reading, TV sometimes, all mostlymusic allalso mostlyputtering around my house, planting things in my wild yard, creating stuff, and sometimes being with friends that I love.

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