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New York Dafing 1, single women per 1, single men; Philly has 1,; and D. The metros with the largest ratios of single women to men are all on the smaller side: On the flip side, there are 1, single men per 1, single women in San Diego and 1, single men per 1, single women in Seattle. Once again, the places with the highest ratios are smaller metros: But the truth is, the most realistic picture is achieved by charting singles across a series of age ranges. The next two maps cover singles ages 18 to 24 and 25 to 34, respectively.

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Martin Prosperity Institute Both maps are a sea of blue dots. Younger Dting men outnumber younger single women across the board. Young women everywhere, it seems, have a distinctive dating Daring. Metros like New York, where the odds are in favor of single men across all age groups, now turn in favor single young women. The very few metros where the odds favor single men are mainly smaller college towns like Springfield, Massachusetts; Athens, Georgia; or Tallahassee, Florida. Small metros again dominate the places with the largest ratios of single men to women in these age groups. For the 18 to 24 age group, these include:

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