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Be flexible. If you are someone who requires rigid plans with little to no wiggle room, then you may not ofifcer to get involved with a police officer. Their life is hectic and their schedule is never determined. Get used to having your back against the door. Meet Singles in your Area! Show Strength Police officers spend their days hunting down criminals and protecting people in need.

Listen The more you can listen to a police officer, the more likely she is to trust you, schddule to open up about aspects of her job that may not be pleasant to talk about. National Police Wives Association: Dating a Police Officer. Try not to worry. This may be the hardest part about dating a male cop.

First the good bit Law enforcement officials are trusted with perhaps one of the most important jobs of the civilized world — keeping the neighborhood and society safe. Thus it is a matter of great pride to be schedue a cop. And when you think of the fantasies which have to do with a badge-flashing and cuff-wielding moves, dating a cop can get even more exciting. Be flexible And yet the very nature of the job which makes law enforcement an object of public respect also makes it difficult and unpredictable. I mean, not in a weird way. Between night shifts, shifts that unexpectedly go late, overtime shifts, and the occasional manhunt, your officer is going to be on the job a lot.

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But most Datijg, work on making the most of that alone time. Related Post: And these habits will last pretty much the rest of their lives: Once a police officer, always a police officer. He will be brave - For a man to take a job where he puts his life on Dafing line ofvicer day, he must be courageous and calm. If schexule are dating a cop, he will be able to deal with fear much better than a normal guy. He will respond to scehdule situations with a calm, gentle demeanor. His resilience officeg years of dealing with lawbreakers will help you find your inner peace as well. He will not have a lot of money - A quick Google search for pay statistics for cops shows numbers that are quite low, considering the amount of personal and professional risk they go through every day.

If you are dating a cop, you will not go to the fancy restaurant across town, nor will you get first row seats at the opera unless he's really trying to impress you. He will most likely be living a modest lifestyle in a mid-to-small sized home. If you two are located in a high cost of living area, he will either be living pay check to pay check or making a bit more money depending on how officers in your locale are compensated. A post shared by mirthiferous on Oct 2, at You will feel a lack of control - Dating a cop can be stressful.

He is tied to his duty to protect and serve citizens, and sometimes you may feel like there is nothing you can do to support him. When he goes to help with disaster relief operations or apprehend criminals, you might feel frustrated that you are sitting at home on the sidelines with no way to assist him.

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This lack officeg control in pklice destiny will put a lot of pressure on some women, and make it hard for them to cope with the relationship. A post shared by Lucas Botkin lucastrexarms on Oct 2, at He must answer the call of duty - If there is an emergency, he will sometimes be expected to drop everything he is doing to help resolve the situation. It would not matter if you were in the middle of a date, trip, or dinner. Some officers must go in during emergencies because it is in their job description, but others are bound by honor and have a big heart - they feel compelled to help other people in their times of need.

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