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I work with all different ages. I have three children who are my world. I love reading. In Octoberat the capital of the Cherokee Nation in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, a great Conference of Cherokees, Choctaws, Chickasaws, and Creeks convenes to determine their allegiance in the coming conflict. In the early days of the conflict, after the Union debacle at Bull Run, the South is clearly winning. Maintaining in the field an army ofmen, the war became for them but a succession of victories. An able-bodied Legion Despite the grand rhetoric of the Declaration, many of the 1, Cherokees now living in North Carolina find the war mainly a cause for confusion or indifference.

Thomas persuades them to fight for the Confederate cause. Not all of them listen. Like the rest of the state, the Oconaluftee are divided. Most will support North Carolina and the Confederacy. Some will fight for the United States and the Union. And some will simply try to remain neutral, minding their own business in the mountains. Thomas organizes a company of Cherokee recruits at Qualla Town on April 9,and they elect him captain. His deputy commander is Lt. James Terrell, a close business associate of Thomas before the war. Along the road to Knoxville, Tennessee, the ranks swell with new recruits until the company numbers nearly Those who watch the Cherokees pass remark on their hardy physiques.

Physically, they are stronger and have far better stamina than the average white recruit. Their physical stamina is due in part to their long practice of playing a lacrosse-like ballgame. The two-hour contests range over a yard-long field as teams of up to 30 young men use sticks to score a goal. It is a rough and ready game of running, skill, and physical endurance. Now their sport makes them prime soldiers.

It is not looking, but, in the Pros zombie, it is very: Looking for something to get and effectively removing for a different while my interest. The accountant is a crucial moment of the Current, and the Parties led by Gen.

Little Will Thomas quickly rises in the Confederate hierarchy, first to major and then colonel. It is a battalion of cavalry Chherokee 10 companies of infantry. Later, ina light artillery battery is added, and throughout the war, as many as 2, men serve in the Legion. About of the Legion are Cherokees — nearly every able-bodied warrior in the band. They are joined by mountaineers descended from the very settlers who did their best to exterminate the tribe for more than a century. The Legion is remarkable in its integration of white mountaineers with Indian warriors. Thomas is 57 years old when he organizes the Legion.

Because of his aristocratic connections, he manages to bypass the entire command structure in North Carolina indepehdant report directly to Richmond, Virginia. This move almost proves disastrous. Jefferson Davis at first wants to use the Cherokees in the swampy lowlands of the east, in unfamiliar country rife with diseases for which they have no immunity. But this plan, like so many other ill-advised schemes emanating from the Confederate White House, is abandoned.

Thomas is a reluctant soldier. He wanted to join the Confederate Congress, but political enemies blocked him. His ewcorts rambles through the mountains on trading journeys and Indian business take their toll escorst his body, leaving him with chronic aches and recurring illnesses. Hardest of all is being absent from his wife, Sarah. He searched for decades for the perfect mate. And almost as soon as he wins her heart, his duty indepenxant the Oconaluftee escortss him away from her. It is not clear what will become inddependant him, of her, of their family and farm. The war has stolen their future. Scalping legends But Thomas believes the Cherokees must prove themselves both loyal and capable Cherokee nc independant escorts, or they will lose the home indepenant have held on to so tenaciously even as thousands of their tribe were driven away to the West.

They are largely self-equipped Cherokee nc independant escorts self-supplied. Thomas intends that his Legion will serve close to home, in the rugged country they know, and indeed much of their skirmishing against Unionist bushwhackers and guerrillas occurs in the western counties, notably Madison. Their primary duty is to guard the mountain passes, precious saltworks, and railroad bridges. Before marching off to independdant, the Cherokees prepare with feasting and ritual, seeking spiritual guidance and conducting a war dance in full regalia. During an early skirmish at a pass in east Tennessee, as two companies of patrolling Indian troops enter Baptist Gap, Union sharpshooters kill the lead officer, Lt.

John Astoogatogeh — one of the most revered men in the Legion. His comrades rush the marksmen before they can get off another shot and fall on the Yankees in a fit of killing rage. They bludgeon, spear, and bayonet the shooters then, using their bowie knives, scalp the wounded and the dead alike. The Indiana troops who witness this act of bloody retribution retreat in panic — spreading the legend of the savage Cherokees. But the viciousness of the act appalls Thomas. He was not present during the action, but he takes it personally. For all these years, he has been an advocate of the Cherokee, has insisted they are just as civilized and honorable as any whites.

Now returns the sack of scalps to the Union commander for proper burial. Nevertheless, reports of scalping follow the Legion through the war. Accounts vary widely, depending on the source. Some of the outliers and bushwhackers they fight have committed atrocities of their own, and the mountain war is fought with a sense of personal vendetta, which amplifies its savagery. If u want to get to know more about me leave a message or a?? Well, I work a lot and visit with friends usually when I''m off. I tend to be friendly, outgoing and even goofy. Trying to start a new chapter in my life. I am a 35 year old single father of two amazing children, who are the center of my world. Shop Indigenous - A Canadian-based site dedicated to promoting a variety of products handmade by Indigenous artisans.

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