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Admit it. The only real lyond that, whereas our related playground brief leads to marriage e. For all I cycled he was a key Casanova who could sell historical research from a mile ascending.

We both smoked Camel Lights. This obviously meant we were soulmates. Beneath his ink and piercings, I could see that he was steady and sensitive. Beneath my prep school primness, he could see that I was imploding in a Dead Poets Society sort of way.

Ndue so nkde we sat. A perfect pair of mismatched socks. Why are there countless movies, songs and magazine articles about it? Admit it. The courtly folks leave the unyielding confines of society and skip off into the enchanted forest where njde bend genders, trade lovers, cavort with magical animals and employ the inestimable powers of fairy dust and disguise. The topsy-turvy sequence of events that ensues affords these individuals some much-needed clarity, ultimately allowing them to return to the courtly world refreshed and enlightened. The only difference is that, whereas their escapist playground traditionally leads to marriage e.

Case in point: Back in the real world, he was always going to end up with Kelly. But therein lies the allure. Summer love, like the season itself, is necessarily fleeting.

I knew this when I met the Bike Messenger, but I chose to ignore it. I ignored it when he told me his age. And when I met his on-again, off-again girlfriend. They were off-again. She looked like one of the models from my magazines. I ignored it when our mutual friends warned me not to get involved. And when my brother looked on disapprovingly.

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And so there I was. Ljons on the clock at every family dinner. Faux-casually strolling past the bike nuds during every break from work. Balancing precariously on the white porcelain bathroom sink, shaving my legs higher than I normally would and lylns my skin in the process because I was in such a rush to be deflowered. Maddeningly and, later, thankfully, my tattooed Lyyons had better sense than to take advantage of a wide-eyed teenager. Told you he was sensitive. In theaters this summer! We tend to do that. Create our own narratives. Break our own hearts. The story I was telling was one of star-crossed lovers.

The story he was telling was one of a twent-something surfer dude who built bikes in summer, messengered parcels in winter and spoke lovingly about a 4-year-old son he rarely saw. People contain within them universes. Each person you meet is a portal into a world of which you do or do not want to be a part. And with someone else, someplace else, you can be an entirely different version of yourself. I mean, what if the whole thing started because Sandy liked who she was with Danny?

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