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A dictionary that defines an LDAP source can contain the following values: This must be unique - even when using multiple domains. CNFieldName The field that returns the complete name. This field must be unique across the entire SOGo domain. Note that SOGo will always automatically strip the protocol value from the attribute if the attribute name is proxyAddresses. SearchFieldNames optional An array of fields to match against the search string when filtering users defaults to sn, displayName, cn, mail, and telephoneNumber when unset.

If you use that, you might always enable bindAsCurrentUser. For example: MultipleBookingsFieldName optional The value of this attribute is the maximum number of concurrent events to which a resource can be part of at any point in time. If this is set to 0, or if the attribute is missing, it means no limit. If set to -1, no limit is imposed but the resource will be marked as busy the first time it is booked.

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