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The lush mountains of the Island of Hispaniola overlook a beautiful resort, our third destination on this seven-night cruise. We took a cab to the city to get a spectacular and scary view, checked out what the resort had to offer, and enjoyed the ship once more… Starting the Day Off Slowly After another late evening, we rolled out of bed, had a light breakfast, and of course, got coffee. As soon as we finished our coffee we realized we had some much to explore ashore that we needed to get moving.

Our guide walked us through some of the areas for 20 or 30 minutes and explained the flora, fauna, and the history — he was quite good. He also helped us take some pictures which were a bit touristy for our taste, but pretty funny and we liked them. Check out more photos at the bottom of this post. After heading back down which thankfully, took the same ten minutes, and not seconds with loud crashing noiseswe tipped our guide and got back into the van to head back to Amber Cove. I had expectations of a nice view, but both the view and the experience exceeded them.

That in mind, there was plenty ahead of us back near the ship. Amber Cove Built just several years for the exclusive use of Carnival Corporation cruise lines, Amber Cover is situated about 20 minutes from the city of Puerto Plata. There are restaurants, bars, a zip line, cabanas, loungers, and of course — shops. We were in port with the Carnival Splendor, and from what I can tell the port would only support two ships at once. The resort section is to the right when coming off the dock and you quickly notice that there is no sandy beach in this area.

We believe part of the fun of travel is immersing yourself in the destination and its culture, meeting the people, and learning what makes the place tick. The cultural shock rating ranks how different the experience is from most Western cultures. Low Consider these tours your intro to a place. Transportation might be private or a very comfortable public option, and the activities are usually visits to iconic sites and locations that are familiar to most Western cultures — but that will still give you fantastic insight into a destination. High You're out there in the global community! Get ready to take it as it comes, whatever comes. Medium Physicality Physical rating Worried our tours are too tough?

The physical grading gives you an idea of how much huffing and puffing you can expect on the tour. Low Slow and steady is all you need here. These tours have very limited physical activity, such as walking relatively flat streets, sites, or markets, and climbing in and out of the transport provided.

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Medium Not too hard, not too soft, these tours are just right! You can expect a bit of physical activity, but nothing overly challenging — perhaps walking up and down hills, riding a bike for up to 30 kilometers along mostly flat terrain, or jumping in a kayak for a gentle paddle on flat water. High Get ready for a workout! These tours are our most challenging and involve intense walking, hiking, kayaking, swimming, or bike riding.

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You could be looiing steep climbs by foot or pedal, or working your core in the water. We recommend you have a good level of fitness to join this tour. He did a great job taking us through the waterfalls, enjoying the experience right next to us, then took us to two amazing food establishments, sharing knowledge about the food culture.

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