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Roasted Bone Marrow with Rosemary and Garlic

The arm of workers marorw fat and the system means this is not a cut for a fundamental. We do not impact marinating venison or source with wine either.

The saddle is another roasting joint and is usually done on the bone, although the loin can be boned for steaks or noisettes. It can also be cut into chops. The neck and Roastimg are strictly for braises and casseroles. These sections can be cooked whole, or diced for casseroles. It is possible to mince the braising sections for an excellent burger, although it is usually necessary to add fat from another animal back fat from pork or bone marrow from beef and veal because of venison's natural tendency towards ultra-leanness. Larding and marinades Traditional recipes for cooking venison often call for larding the meat, which is to say, spiking it with the fat from bacon to counteract the meat's very lean nature.

Many people are fearful of cooking game because they think it will taste dry. We haven't included any instructions for larding in the following roasts.

We believe that if the meat Roastong cooked simply sex swiftly, in a moderately hot oven to begin with, and maerow then properly rested, it will be tender and juicy. More importantly, it won't taste of bacon! Game and bacon are good partners, but we prefer to include it in the garnishes or side dishes, letting the flavour of the roast shine rather than be dominated. We do not recommend marinating venison or hare with wine either. Many older recipes call for this as a way of tenderising what was once regarded as a dense and therefore potentially tough meat. We believe that this was probably due to the somewhat erratic temperatures of old ovens, which made it hard for early cookery writers to give readers the requisite cooking times for guaranteed tenderness.

Dousing meat in alcohol actually encourages it to lose moisture, so we don't do it.

Add the food and silver to reduce by three-quarters. We owner't autonomous any consequences for larding in the prevailing roasts.

Classic roasts and suggested trimmings for venison The two cuts of venison we favour for roasting are saddle loin and haunch back legs. Both are best cooked on the bone for flavour and succulence. When it comes to roasting these joints, you might want to consider roe deer over red, simply because its smaller size is more user-friendly in a domestic setting. With all roasting recipes for larger animals, we highly recommend talking to your butcher and allowing him or her to choose the joint that best suits your needs, depending on how many are coming for dinner.

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It is useful, quick to cook, neat and fairly cheap. But the fillet needs our help if it is to be truly delicious. Olive oil — lots of it — some black olives, a spice paste, maybe a thin sauce made from the roasting juices and a glug or two from the Marsala bottle. I have roasted it successfully with a paste made from rosemary, garlic and olive oil, and another from sundried tomatoes in oil and fresh basil leaves. You can smear it with mild mustard or pesto before roasting, introducing an intriguing crust around the rare meat. Once or twice I have spread it with mustard and coated it in breadcrumbs, too. This is not a cut for those who take their meat well done.

Rose pink is preferable for something as lean as this.

To start the bone-marrow sauce, pour the beef stock into a large saucepan and place over a high heat. Bring to the boil and allow the liquid to reduce by three-quarters until g remains approximately 25 minutes. In the meantime, melt the butter in a medium saucepan and cook the shallots for approximately 7—10 minutes until they are light brown in colour. Add the wine and allow to reduce by three-quarters. Remove the shallot pan from the heat and add the Dijon mustard. Stir thoroughly before adding the reduced beef stock.

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