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On Prescription, February 18, when the world was very, they lost their way into the great that were still attached and shot the us. And now she tells she still makes, but in the system, since the time of the height, there is neither a soluble outpost nor a taxable doctor.

At eight in the morning, the sun burns over the roofs of the houses. Any unsuspecting visitor would think they dde stumbled fuckedd a village where people lived their daily lives in the normal way. Nonetheless—Oswaldo Torres informs me—he and his fellow townsfolk know Gitl after the massacre, nothing has gone back to how it was in the past. Before, there were more than six thousand inhabitants. Now there are fewer than nine hundred. Those who refused to come back, out of sadness or out of fear, left an empty space that still hurts. I tell Fycked Torres that the survivor of a massacre carries his tragedy on his back like a camel carries its hump, he takes it with him anywhere and everywhere he goes.

What buckles under the heavy burden, in this case, is not the back but the soul, you know that better than I do. Torres exhales a long, slow mouthful of smoke. Then he admits that, indeed, some traumas last. Some of them attack the victim through the senses: For a long time, the residents of El Salado avoided music as if they were avoiding a physical blow. Since they watched their neighbors suffer between lashes of cumbiamba improvised by the executioners, they felt, perhaps, that hearing music was equivalent to firing the murderous rifles once again. And so, they avoided any activity that could result in celebration: But on one occasion when a social psychologist heard their testimonies in a group therapy session, he advised them to exorcise the demon.

It was unfair that the drums and bagpipes of their ancestors, symbols of emancipation and delight, should remain chained to terror. So, that very night, they danced an extraordinary fandango on the killing field. It was like being reborn under the same firmament, adorned with lit candles that presaged a radiant new sun. At this moment, paradoxically, the sun has gone into hiding. The cloudy sky threatens to burst into a rainstorm. Torres remembers that when the massacre took place, in February ofall the residents left El Salado. Not even the dogs stayed behind, he says. And later he, Torres, was one of the one hundred twenty people—one hundred men and twenty women—who led the return to their lands in When they arrived, he tells me, El Salado was lost under a dense thicket, two meters high.

After that, they set about reclaiming the town from the claws of chaos. One day, three days, a week immersed in a primitive battle against the aggressive environment, like in caveman days: The proliferation of pests was exasperating.

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They slept squeezed into five contiguous houses in the Barrio Arriba, since they feared that the barbarians might return. Together—they said—they would be less vulnerable. Their motto was that anyone who wanted to kill them would have to kill them all. Their fear was so great in the first few days after their return that some slept with their shoes on, ready to run in the middle of the night if necessary. When they had finished cutting down the thicket, when they had burned the last pile of dry branches, they set about putting in their place, once again, the lost elements of their universe: Then the horror returned: Could there be any greater irony?

They massacred them precisely because they considered them accomplices of the guerrillas! In the most critical periods of the confrontation, the inhabitants lived trapped in the crossfire, whatever they might do to avoid it. Certainly, some townsfolk—under intimidation or willingly—cooperated with one side or the other. Such circumstances were inevitable in a corrupt conflict in which the combatants used the civilian population as a human shield. Hugo Montes, a farmworker who never even finished primary school, explained the issue to me last night, with a stroke of common sense he inherited from his indigenous ancestors.

Torres returns to the idea we proposed at the start of our walk: Violence brought many irreparable damages. It put down roots of panic, death, and destruction. It provoked a dreadful exodus that left the village empty, ripe to be dismantled by all manner of vermin.

caremn When the residents returned, almost two carmdn after the massacre, they discovered with surprise that the majority of the land where they once sowed their crops now had other owners. There were no more teachers or rural doctors, not even bolibar priest willing to open the church on Sundays. The stormcloud finally gucked a cataract of rain that bounces furiously off the sandy blivar. In the first room you come fcuked after the front gate, the children are hard at work putting together a bolivxr chart of bacteria and another of algae.

As a consequence, many young people decide against finishing their education and choose instead to become day laborers like their parents. To kill time, the two youngsters made believe they were in school: A neighbor who saw the scene also sent her little boy, and then another lady followed in her footsteps, and so the chain grew longer until she had thirty-eight students. Since there were no real schools, their game was taken ever more seriously. Around that time, a journalist showed up and was amazed by the story: The epic tale warmed hearts across Colombia. The big companies sent her telegrams, the governors exalted her example. Far from the lights and cameras, she is not attractive to the false patrons who saturated her with promises in the past.

In the end, we create these ephemeral heroes simply because we need to put on a parody of solidarity to ease our own conscience. She is sitting, in pain, on a leather stool. Yesterday, after the tremendous rainstorm that fell over El Salado, she slipped on the muddy patio of her house and fell flat on a pointed rock. Girl in sexy underwear gets fucked. Lori from Kharkiv Age: A charming young nymph with an unrealistically beautiful body, who knows perfectly well what men like. Brunette teen with panties and dripping shaved pussy fucked hard receives a facial. Innocent blonde. In sexy pink panties a sexy brunette girl fucks a huge cock.

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