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We stayed in a small private apartment near Tophane tram station very close to Firuz Aga Hammam rather gay one to some extent rented through vrbo. At first we stayed together with my friends, then they left and the remaining time I spent alone. We participated in Bear Weekend in Istanbul. Sometimes we brought to us men from Taksim Park. Now I see it wasn't a good idea. But we never kissed in the street or went holding hands or whatever like that.

Then one night at 1: They said: It's our house. I didn't see them datin. You have big datinf. Give us money and leave our house". I datong shocked and xating, but didn't give them a lira and told them to go away or I would call the police. They laughed, but left. The owner of the apartment knew details of the incident, but didn't help. So in a shock moved to a hotel not far from Isyanbul Park in Old City. I left a negative review on owner's apartment. That's it: Being the most crowded city of Turkey, Istanbul is the heart of Turkish gay life. Although Turkey is undergoing a rapid change, certain things are still very traditional and peculiar in this country.

The gay culture is Gay dating istanbul good sample of datinb. Taking Ga from all over the country, Dahing is a summary of the whole Turkey. Com is published by istannul people living in Istanbul and updated aGy with the latest information about the gay venues in Istanbul which you can not find anywhere else. We are not only listing the existing venues, but also the places which have already been closed down for various reasons, still being listed on other websites and printed gay-guides as well. The classic gay relationship is between real gay men and bi-curios men. In this traditional culture these bi-curious men would not define themselves as gay or bisexual and the passive partners are usually appreciated to be young, glabrous an slightly feminine.

This gay culture is kind of similar to historical buggery or sodomy culture in the western countries. In the last years Turkish gay culture has been westernized rapidly and sexual interactions between gay people have become more common. In fact there is still not a sharp distinction among the sexual orientations. The border-line is very transitional between straight, bisexual, gay, queer, transvestite and transgender people. Safety and Warnings According to the statistics Istanbul is listed among the safest metropolises in the world.

But naturally, there are some risks in gay and night life just as in other big cities of the world; and you can bump into bad guys along the way. As long as you know what is happening and behave accordingly, you do not need to worry too much. Not surprisingly, the most common criminal incident in gay life is small-scale thefts mobile phones, cash money etc. Theft and robbery incidents are more likely to take place in isolated cruising spots or when you go somewhere with someone about whom you know nothing. Of course these things are not happening everyday and should not discourage you from meeting people but just in case it is advised not to carry valuable belongings and a lot of cash on you when you go out for cruising especially in outdoor places such as parks.

Prefer public venues such as cheap hotels, bath houses and saunasif your own hotel is not suitable.

Istanbul Gay dating

Gay dating istanbul Naturally, you should be more careful if you date someone via internet or gay dating applications, just like you should be anywhere else in the world. There are several other potential risks for tourists, regardless of being gay. First of all, avoid some tourist-hustlers who usually hang around Taksim and sometimes istanbuul Sultanahmet districts. They will try to convince you to go to some scam night clubs to rip istznbul off. Your bill can be up to several thousand Euros depending how far ostanbul Gay dating istanbul your basic instincts instead of your logic.

There are few night clubs like that but their hustlers are always around who are said to be taking commissions. Briefly stay away from people who are too friendly all of a sudden, no matter what their stories are. It is of minor importance but there is a new tourist trick played by some fake shoe-shine men walking about some main streets. They deliberately drop their brush and keep walking as if they are unaware; so that you pick it up and give it to them. Then they try to look very grateful and suggest you to shine your shoes, as if returning the favor. But they do want money at the end - even more than normal shoe-shine price.

It is just a silly but annoying confidence trick, in other words. Another less possible scam risk is dishonest taxi drivers. Some taxi drivers may over-ride tourists to charge them more. Although rarely it is also heard that some drivers may also switch the big banknotes with smaller ones, and blames you for giving the smaller note. It is better if you really pay them with small banknotes, indeed. If you have a problem with taxi drivers, write down the plate number of the taxi explicitly make sure he understandsand try to tell him that you will go to the police 'police' sounds the same in Turkish.

If you datibg not want to experience such headaches on your holiday it may be wise to ask taxi driver how much you will pay for the place you go before you get in. You can also ask your hotel's staff to call you a familiar taxi driver, if they can. If it is your first time in Istanbul, it is recommended to make a discovery tour to find the locations of gay bars and clubs in day time. It is not wise to ask people directions at night, because you can bump into a crook or get lost in risky back-streets.

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