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Due to various injuries and accidents related to water heaters over the last ten years, most cities and counties have adopted either theor Uniform Plumbing Code or in the case of California, the California Plumbing Code. When we perform your installation, we will inspect your water heater and ensure it is up to date on all relevant safety codes. Also, on the back of your invoice, you will find a list of all of the state codes that are relevant for your installation.

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Some examples of common water heater codes include: However, when water is heated, it starts to expand, which causes a rise in water pressure. The increased pressure must go somewhere. Increased pressure will shorten the life of your water heater. However, expansion tanks provide relief from this excess water pressure and protect your home. A water pressure PSI test will determine if you need an expansion tank or not. Earthquake Straps In all our service locations, we install water heaters with earthquake straps to ensure your safety in the event of a natural disaster. Because the West Coast is in earthquake zones, all installations include straps on the top- and bottom-third of the water heater.

As population density increases, water pressure goes up as well. However, high water pressure can damage your plumbing and fixtures, including your hot water heater. This can cause a premature crack in the glass lining of the water heater. Pressure regulating valves will prevent unnecessary stress on your plumbing system. Especially if you water heater is in your home or basement, a leak could cause lots of water damage. A pan and drain eliminate this possibility.

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Dedicated Water Shutoff Installing a dedicated water shutoff on your water heater will allow you to turn off water to your heater, but not to your entire home. Due to accidents, some areas require the valve to be piped to the exterior. Gas Water Des Codes Venting Hookhp addition to placement in a hoook area, the CO emissions of a water heater require it be properly vented. This will houdton any CO from entering your home and living areas. That being said, however, I went in with an open mind but a heavy sense of skepticism.

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