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You can simply say so and hang up. It's as simple as that and you won't have to worry about that person calling you back for any reason because your phone number is kept private unless you give to another member during chats on the phone. Phone dating is the way of the future in the dating scene. People are more likely more relaxed and at ease with other people when they are the phone instead of face to face, and this is especially true of the first time you meet someone. This fact is even truer when that person you are meeting is a potential date.

Most of the calmest people in the world can become a bundle of nerves if they are on their way to meet someone they may end up in a relationship with.

You have to worry if you look good and if your first impression is going to sweep that person Chah their feet or cause them daating run as fast as they can in the other direction. By talking to someone over the phone first, first impressions are lessened in tension when you already have feelings for that person for whom they are and not just what they look like when you first meet. Getting to know someone ahead of the actual face to face meeting is the best way to meet someone. Phone dating has become a way to meet people all around the globe.

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