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The correct prefix for Austria is "AT". Fn follow the exact syntax of the VAT number shown. If your VAT number appears as invalid, you should take this matter up with your own tax administration. In other words, when you check a number, it is the database of that Member State that is being checked.

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Is there a database with all VAT registered persons available? What do I have to do if my own VAT number appears as invalid? The first and last characters may be alpha or numeric; but they may not both be numeric. What do I have to do if my IP address has been blocked? The 1st position following the prefix is always "U".

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Format oefeneen 2 letter alpha prefix 9: If you receive an error that is not in the list please contact: I try to validate a Spanish VAT number, the number is valid but the name and the address are not provided. You can find hereafter a list of the available company types by Member State: The Commission web site is connected to the Member States VAT databases respectively and the verification is based on the information available in the respective database. The new digit format is the result of adding a leading zero to the old 9-digit format.

If you think that an IP address has been wrongfully blocked by the service please contact:

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