How to make oral sex more fun. 4 ways to make giving oral sex more enjoyable.

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These Oral Sex Tips Will Blow Him Away In Bed

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MyJawHurts Dear Mrs. Talk to the hand, then use your tongue Rub it on him with your hands and get him worked up for a few minutes. Men love anyone on their members, whether its a hand or a mouth. If you have a same sex partner, the same thing goes for her as well. Then lick up and down, gradually moving to licking the head and the frenulum, which is the area behind the head of his penis. Two reasons: All your moaning and OMG-ing will make him come faster than if you were just down there being silent, and you can turn it into entertainment for yourself. Understand Just How Empowering It Is While I know feminists are divided on this topic, this particular feminist happens to think that giving a blow job is empowering.

Empowerment comes with ownership of a situation and total autonomy, in which the control and decision making is in your hands.

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In a rhythmic motion let enjoyablr. lips meet your hands. There are a ton of nerve endings in his scrotum and gently caressing and massaging while performing oral sex will certainly send him over the odal. Let Go Giphy Letting go of worries and fears and bringing a sense of focus to the task at hand can help you get into the mood and actually enjoy pleasuring your partner. I don't personally recommend doing things sexually for others that don't feel arousing to you. Because you can easily slip into the opposite—of not wanting to be sexual at all, or worse still like your arousal is less important.

Study Your Numbers Giphy And sometimes all it takes is a little mutual love. You've got him by the balls: Being so completely in control of someone else's pleasure is a powerful feeling. You can make him experience things in a completely different way than he feels with his own hands. Plus, you can use it to tease him, to get him ready for sex, or you can make it the main event. You're now the center of his universe and you hold the power to blow his mind.

You've got mad skills: No matter what, if you put his penis in your mouth, he's going to feel pleasure. Then let his givingg hit enioyable. underside of your tongue. No gagging necessary. Ruben Chamorro And since the subject came up, you don't need to swallow either. When, where, and how your partner ejaculates during a blow job should be something both of you discuss and agree upon. You don't need to swallow literally ever, nor does your partner need to finish in your mouth at all!

Debrief afterwards. It sucks him to include a publicly new angle that might be small what you have to get there. One investing will get him bold about what's in fact next and leverage to make his anticipation.

You might find it enmoyable. sexy to watch him finish elsewhere — on your body, on his body, there are tons of options. Have him try sucking. Ask him to switch up his moves and try sucking on your clitoris instead — it provides a more intense pressure. Some prefer a gentle flicking motion instead.

He doesn't need to ejaculate for a blow job to be enjoyable. Many guys don't actually want going down to be the main event. According to a Cosmo poll, 54 percent of men like oral action as foreplay alone. So if it feels like a particular BJ has run its course, switch it up and try something else! Lube can taste good.

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