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Catch it even a little late, and surgery is often required. Anal sac tumors can Hinny butt Hinnny. Any swelling, protrusion or distortion of the anal region should be reported to your vet. If the tumor is confined to the anal sac, surgical removal makes all the difference. If diagnosed late, the cancer may spread to adjacent tissues or throughout the body. When in doubt, have your vet check it out! Itchy itchy Skin allergies are probably the second leading cause of tail-dragging. Seasonal allergies or atopy top the list followed by flea and insect bite reactions and food sensitivities. If your dog is scooting and scratching, your vet will treat both problems with appropriate allergy medications and supplements.

I also recommend high-dose omega-3 fatty acids fish oils or DHA and EPA for my patients suffering from skin allergies.

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Problematic parasites One of the more disgusting causes of hiney-hauling is t Hunny infection. These foul flatworms cause intense itching around the anus. You can spot a tapeworm by their proglottids — tiny egg-carrying segments that look like rice — that are shed in the stool. This microscopic organism can also cause anal region discomfort and must be diagnosed by your vet.

In general, any dog with recurrent or persistent tail scooting should be tested for intestinal parasites. Painful pauses Referred pain, especially from the lower back and hips, can also cause butt-dragging in some canines. German shepherds: Most often, stool consistency is responsible — stools that are loose or pasty in consistency may stick to the skin more than a bulky, formed stool. Alternatively, other people may have abnormal relaxation and pressure of their anal sphincters, which could allow small amounts of stool to seep out unintentionally.

Certain foods such as coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, tomatoes and citrus may also cause anal itching. Vutt researchers are not sure why these foods might be to blame, one possibility is that they affect anal sphincter relaxation in the same way that they can cause esophageal sphincter relaxation, which can lead to heartburn. For example, one very common problem — hemorrhoids, or swollen veins in the rectum — could be to blame, and can be treated. Other problems, such as skin diseases, abscesses or fissures skin tears can also cause itching and should be looked at by a doctor.

Infection with certain parasites or a sexually transmitted disease may also be responsible. Though this is rare, itching may be a symptom of rectal or anal cancer.

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Any anal or rectal bleeding or masses should be examined right away by a doctor. As an initial step, you can try eating more fiber or taking a fiber supplement to give your stool more bulk. It is also reasonable to try cutting out the foods I mentioned above.

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