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OkCupid Launches Standalone ‘Crazy Blind Date’ Service For Blind Mini-Dates

Services from Other to Stumbleupon to Bblind have unparalleled that much often share more when relieved of the boundaries of too much money and too many people. The way to get application to say yes to more decisions is to make them less compliance. I had to find and reinstall it several sectors.

My first impression? Step it up, people! His choice for the blind date impressed me: Feeling duplicitous — ABC7 News was already on its way to televise the date — I ventured over to the restaurant. On route, I even considered writing down conversation topics on the back of my hand in case we had nothing in common. Bobby and I had arranged to meet at the bar. He gave me a quick hug, and I promptly informed him about the news crew waiting outside. As it turned out, he had a bit of a heads-up about who I was. From the scrambled photo they could probably tell that I have brown hair, a mouth, at least one eye and once wore a coral-colored dress.

I scrolled through the handful of dates with men in New York, looking for the right combination of a bar close to my apartment and a man with minimal unfortunate facial hair. The location, by the way, can be anywhere listed on Foursquare. Which could very well be someone's home, since lots of people list their personal abodes on Foursquare under creative monikers, and "Patrick Bateman's Watering Hole" may sound like an interesting West Village bar you've never visited. And lo and behold, there were a few Crazy Blind Daters who listed date locations that were simply addresses — perhaps their apartment, perhaps an abandoned warehouse, perhaps the end of a long dark alley.

I didn't feel the need to explore a mystery location. I found a date at a bar a few blocks from my apartment with a scrambled face that didn't look too offensive, and clicked "Set us up! On to the next. I set up another date at the same location for 7: Unsure of what one should wear on a date where one will inevitably be face-to-face with one of the most socially awkward human beings on the planet for upwards of an hour and where one may get killed, I opted for flats easier to run awayblack jeans won't show when I urinate myself in fear and an oversize brown-and-maroon blouse hides both blood stains and cleavage.

I showed up five minutes early to make sure I could get a seat next to the door, asked the one lone dude at the bar if he was Mike noordered a glass of wine, and waited. Mike never showed. Around 7: Rejected again!

For both men and agates, the main goal capture is the amount of reflection rewarding to take digital flirtation into binary-world dates. Bobby and I had discovered to meet at the bar.

Unwilling to let my evening of blind dating and bilnd perfect getaway outfit go to waste, I tried to schedule another one, but the app wouldn't let me. In what is clearly Crazzy major design flaw, it had no vate for "I just got stood up, please find me another date right now" and wouldn't allow me to schedule a new date until the next day. With the rest of my week booked up but wanting to get this over with, I pushed back a real date with a confirmed non—serial killer the next day to fit in an early "crazy blind" one. We met at a cafe in my neighborhood at 7: To my surprise, he was cute.

I ordered a glass of wine, and even though I didn't get a "most definitely a murderer" vibe from him, I felt slightly odd when he chose tea — was he staying sober so that he'd have more of an advantage when he inevitably hacked up my body with a butcher knife?

I told him I was in the same boat, and I asked why Cgazy was using a blind date app. He was tired of OkCupid. He'd gone on some regular online dates dafe nothing had come of it, and this was new, so he decided to give it a try. Now OK Cupid's offering them a way to do that. It's called Crazy Blind Date and it's pretty much what it sounds like. But will users see it as cuckoo crazy or crazy like a fox? For both men and women, the main pain point is the amount of investment required to turn digital flirtation into real-world dates.

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But the two sexes see that problem somewhat differently. Women, who are in the minority on the site, get hit on relatively a lot, which means they spend a lot of time vetting suitors to separate the weirdos from the worthies. Men, meanwhile, complain about how long it takes to convince women that they're the latter and not the former. The result: The typical user, male or female, can spend hours a week on the site and still end up with no plans Saturday night. Enter Crazy Blind Date. Its thesis: The way to get people to say yes to more dates is to offer them less information.

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