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I got my first Iranian visa at the embassy in Istanbul; it was a simple enough procedure — I turned up with a couple of passport photos and the authorisation code, more information below, and filled in some forms. I got my passport back the same day. It is useful to have the telephone number and name of somebody within the country. The Passport and Visa Department will need it. You will need a hotel booking. Be careful with currencies other than Euros or USD otherwise it may cause delay. Patiently answer any questions about why you are visiting Iran. Copies of your passport and a few passport sized photos are worth having to hand. The whole process can take between hours depending on the airport and terminal passenger flux.

The roads in Iran are top notch and long-distance transport is pretty comfortable. Iran has a good railway network and the trains are a better way to tackle some of the really long distances if you are short on time. The public buses are reliable and nice enough for backpackers. There are also VIP buses with huge padded seats and plenty of leg-room, for a long journey it might be worth the upgrade. I caught a train from Bander Abbas up to Yazd and it was a pretty interesting experience.

For longer distances, train is far preferable daating buses. Dsting tickets are cheap and you Nayghty ask a Farsi speaking friend to check routes and fares at Ali Baba. Iran is a popular Naubhty with overlanding backpackers travelling from Europe onwards to Pakistan or Afghanistan. An Iranian friend of mine lent me their car for a couple of weeks and I drove from Ten up sanandak Shomal and then across the top of Iran to Tabriz and into the mountains. Roadtripping in Iran is a lot of fun. Hitchhiking in Iran is unbelievably easy and Swnandaj hitched Naughty teen dating in sanandaj km whilst backpacking Iran.

It never takes long to get a lift in Iran, many drivers are not familiar with the concept of hitchhiking but as soon as datibg see somebody by the side of the road they tend to stop; partly out of curiosity and partly out of the fact that everybody is just so damn nice. Datibg in Iran zanandaj not a particularly common sight and hitchhikers in Iran are even rarer, although it is very easy to hitch, so plenty of friendly and curious Iranians will be bound to stop and pick you up. You might be surprised but fashion in Iran is a big part of daily life. Many young women colour their hair blue, purple, pink and gold.

Headscarves are often only just in place and golden sandals showing off painted toenails are commonplace. You will see many elegant and approachable ladies when backpacking Iran Photo Credit: Legally, all women in Iran must cover their hair with a headscarf. Avoid showing off flesh and stick to long sleeved tops or a coat. Jeans are perfectly acceptable. If you have tattoos, keep them covered as tattoos are not permitted in Islamic culture and you may get some funny looks if you have them on show. There are very few hostels throughout the country, the only one I know of is the Seven Hostel in Tehran.

In general, your options are limited to cheap guesthouses, more expensive hotels, camping or couchsurfing. There are some hotels and guesthouses specifically set up for backpackers mentioned in The Lonely Planet; these tend to be much more expensive than they should be… because, you know, they are in the Lonely Planet. Iran is a truly great place to take a tent and I camped all over the country; Check out this post for a breakdown of the best tents to take backpacking or pack your camping hammock instead! If you are a couple you will often be asked what your relationship is when checking into guesthouses or hotels. I recommend simply saying you are married. I travelled Iran with my Persian girlfriend and we encountered so many problems that we got a temporary marriage in Iran to get the damn certificate so we could get around this issue.

We probably only encountered this problem because she had an Iranian, rather than a foreign, passport. Check out my favorite accomodation options when backpacking Iran below! Book Your Iran Hostel Here! Before you go to Iran, be sure to stock up on cash.

Ferdowsi Square in Tehran has the exchange shops with the best rates. The currency in Iran, the Rial, has a few too many zeros —Rials is just 15 USD — and the local people have come up with a somewhat ingenious, somewhat confusing, often frustrating way to get around this. Most prices are quoted in Toman; with one Toman being equal to ten Rial. This gets rid of one of the pesky zeros. Iranians are, in general, very honest and hospitable people. Taxi drivers can prove the exception to this rule…. If you want to carry a fair bit of cash safely on your body, your best bet is to get hold of a backpacker belt with a hidden security pocket.

Below are a few of my favourite places to check out when backpacking Iran. With a fascinating labyrinthian bazaar and more carpets than people, Tabriz is freezing in the winter and often boiling in the summer. There are a few houses offering a basic place to sleep and a super posh hotel carved into the rocks complete with in-room jacuzzis. More information coming soon. Kandovan, Osku, East Azerbaijan. One day, they botched a job… failing to kill Ghengis Khan. You will need to hire a car to explore the Alamut valley in one day. Ovan Lake, Alamut Valley, Qazvin. The capital of Iran and one of the best places for backpackers to party, Tehran is unlike anywhere else in Iran.

A popular hub for the young and beautiful, this is a place of risky fashion statements, underground culture and fascinating history. The Golestan Palace is one of the most striking buildings in the world and should not be missed. If you can get hold of a car; driving in Tehran is a great experience. The Roof of Tehran is a unique place to kick back with a none alcoholic beer in the evening and meet local Tehranis. There is one hostel I know of in Tehran — Seven Hostel — but it is also very easy to find a local host who will show you around. Outside of Tehran, there are multiple ski slopes, Dizin is the best known, which offer some of the best value skiing in the world.

About a two hours drive from Tehran lies the city of Qom. A reader of the Broke Backpacker recently offered up this awesome travel tip regarding accommodation in Qom: The owners speak English and are incredibly helpful.

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