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WETV May and June Premieres LA Hair, Bridezillas, Marriage Boot Camp and Pregnant & Dating

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Her story is actually quite sad when the show isn't making fun of it.

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And this is treated like a sort of whimsically funny barrier to finding Mr. But working with her no-nonsense older sibling for the first an in her life may have just brought Kim more drama than she can handle. Xnd to dafing Not so much wedding shows like Bridezillas — bridal television is bifurcated between brides-are-monsters and romance-is-wonderful. Soft reality loves pregnancy and childbirth, as seen on shows like A Baby Story and some of the shows about giving birth to multiples. But while it initially seems like this is going to be some sort of breezy, "you go girl" piece of television all about making it on your own, it quickly devolves into an oversharing, guilt-inducing carnival of awkwardness.

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That's only one of many tonal problems. To see more, visit prehnant It's really the pregnancy itself. Soft reality also loves romance, which is most emphatically demonstrated in wedding shows like Say Yes To The Dress. This is not that show. They are fearless in their life choices and living the real life Knocked Up.

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