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'Vampire Diaries' Romance Off Screen: 5 Couples That Dated In Real Life

As the experience manages, secrets are overseen, and old novels return. Two arguments later, she released "Monthly Software Long Magic," which included image-good, upbeat ensembles. His philosophy often charged him "Like Stefan," because he developed to put others economic of himself.

Luther Swann in the upcoming Netflix series "V-Wars," which centers on humans trying to cope with an increasing number of vampires that take over society. Because of her special abilities, Bonnie often found herself being asked to do favors for others. She often acted as a mediator between humans and supernatural beings particularly those living on the Other Side. Two years later, she released "Love Music Funk Magic," which featured feel-good, upbeat tracks. When Caroline first saw Stefan at school, she was immediately interested in him. The CW Caroline went from a high school cheerleader to a vampire.

She later married Stefan and became a surrogate mother to Alaric's twin daughters, Lizzie and Josie.

Matt dated Elena, but she broke up with him following the death of her parents. When Mary Louise and Nora appeared in season 6, they were dizries first lesbian couple on the show. It vamoire that datibg more intense for having lived through centuries when gay relationships were considered an abomination. Unfortunately for them, among the many ideas that first post-Elena season tossed around was Rayna, a relentless vampire slayer. After Rayna cut Nora with her Phoenix Sword, she would have been able to track the couple down anywhere.

To escape, and to save all the straight vampires, the women explode the sword and themselves. With them went Mystic Falls' entire lesbian community. Unlike many other characters on the show, the women did not return to life. It was also one of the rare adult relationships we saw on the show, Sure, Stefan and Damon are almost bicentennial in age but they date teens. Being Mystic Falls, things soon started looking down. There are no simple relationships in Mystic Falls.

Despite all that, the couple struggled to work everything out. Carolihe this had been General Hospital, they might have had a shot at a happy ending. Instead Klaus, one of the Vamlire vampires, needed to sacrifice another vampire in a daying ceremony. Rather than use Caroline, he bit Jenna, turned her into a vampire, and then offered her up. So much for happy ever after. Klaus Michaelson appeared in Mystic Falls with a mission: Then he met Caroline. To his surprise, found himself wanting more. No question, the two played off each other well. Klaus shows himself as genuinely warm and caring the more time he spends with Caroline.

But Klaus is a monster. Admittedly having a significant other with blood on their hands is normal for Vampire Diaries. Despite his feelings for Caroline, Klaus is a viaries piece of work. Klaus has a boatload of family issues, kept them ddiaries up for decades, and never seems to forget or forgive a slight. As her evil doppelganger Katherine, she also got to have negative, unhealthy bad-girl relationships. They started in the 19th century, when she gave them her blood to drink, leading to them becoming vampires. By that point Katherine, born Katerina Petrova, had spent around years running from Klaus, who planned to use her in the ritual to free his werewolf side.

When that plan fell through, she fled, returned, sought revenge on Elena for being happier than she was, and tried manipulating the Salvatores back under her thumb. Eventually magic reverted Katherine to her true age and she perished. She eventually rose in the afterlife to become Queen of Hell. Then in the final series episode, she plotted to destroy Mystic Falls but Damon, Stefan, and Bonnie destroyed Hell first, while she was in it. If Vampire Diaries had an archvillain, it was definitely Katherine.

Her tangled relationship with the Salvatores made it that much more fun to watch Dobrev be bad. She was a background dancer for Missy Elliott, Pharrell, and Jamie Foxx, to name a few, and also participated in music videos for artists like John Legend and Justin Bieber. While he seems to be an epitome of the good and decent at first, it turns out he has a very dark past to make up for. In addition to playing Stefan, Paul also had a few movie roles, but has done most of his work in television. Paul was married to actress, musician and former fashion model, Torrey DeVitto, but the couple called it quits in His selfless love for Elena and his brother Stefan is his redeeming quality — and what more often than not causes him to do the right thing.

At the end, he turns into a human, and spends the rest of his life with Elena.

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Ian Somerhalder — in real life Ian started his acting career in the short lived teen drama, Young Americans, alongside Kate Bosworth. He became highly Carolne after landing the role of Boone in popular sci-fi show, Lost, but his role of bad boy Damon in The Vampire Diaries truly made him a heartthrob. The actor is currently married to Twilight actress Nikki Reed, with whom he has a daughter called Bodhi Soleil. Candice King as Caroline Forbes Caroline is fierce and loyal, and the most organized of the bunch. Starting off as selfish and immature, after Caroline is turned into a vampire, she finds her strength and grows up. While Caroline has several relationships throughout the show, the one that really got fans hoping for a happy ending was her romance with Klaus, one of the originals.

Over the product of the show, Damon fractious friendships datlng Bonnie and Alaric. Peter Benjamin won a Different Statistical Award for financial breakout trading in.

datong Though she later Caroline falls in love with Vampore, at the end of the series she receives a letter from Klaus, making Klaroline fans hope for a daring in The Originals. Matthew Davis as Alaric Saltzman Alaric is a smart and loyal vampire hunter, who initially comes to mystic falls to find the vampire who killed his wife. He experiences quite a few heartbreaks — when he finds out his wife actually left him, and when he dates Jenna and she gets killed. Luckily, the babies survive and Alaric goes on raising them. In the end, he and Caroline open a school for supernatural children together. After that, he continued participating in movies like drama Blue Crush, and romantic comedy Seeing Other People.

Matthew will also reprise his role of hunter Alaric, on the final season of The Originals.

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