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Stay tuned on blox. Bryghuspladsen by Blox, Copenhagen Photographer: The term comes from academia, but it actually makes good sense to use it in everyday activism. Join Sabrina Vitting-Seerup, a ph. They will share their experiences behind the making of the first Indian mainstream gay love story "Dunno Y - Na jane Kyon" in early We will also invite Waqas Aziz activist and film festival producer from Pakistan who is part of Aks Festival. Debate tent on the Rainbow Square How can one learn to appreciate different kinds of love, to deconstruct jealousy and to question our assumptions and expectations about romantic relations?

Is a loved one always the most important relation in our lives? AURA is a community for youths, who break the norms for gender and sexuality. These youths experience a sense of belonging, share experiences and support each other. Why do the youths Let s get together tonight in frederiksberg have that same opportunity in traditional communities such as the school, sports associations and after-school clubs? It takes place under the de facto dictatorship in Turkey at a time when conditions for LGBT people in the country are greatly exacerbated.

We meet Nirhan, Yunus and Hakan, who introduce us to their personal lives: Especially men, who sleep with men MSMs are a group at risk, since they have an increased risk of developing anal cancer due to the HPV virus and were not previously offered a vaccination. Come and hear more about the background for this offer, and the importance of the efforts directed at just this target group. That module touches on a vast number of themes related to the professional work in social education — including gender identity, gendered and gender-divided activities, gender roles, accommodation, language, sexuality and sexual development across different age groups and difference social education specialities.

We look at the understanding of normality and deviation, norm-critical social education, intersectional perspectives, heteronormativity, family forms, equality and more. Facing discrimination, violence and legal persecution, activists all over the world are raising their voices and mobilizing to stand up and claim their human rights. For this debate, we have invited some of these activists to join us and share their stories and perspectives from their respective countries and regions. Among other things, several are afraid to openly discuss their sexuality, sexual practices or gender identity with their general practitioner and other health staffers, fearing differential treatment.

In this debate, we focus on the importance of norm-critical teaching in gender, body and sexuality in the Danish education system. Do LGBTQ persons have a responsibility themselves to create changes, making it easier to be out, or must society take up that responsibility? This, and much more, we will try to learn more about in this debate. The presentation will contain a review of pain affliction with a hands-on approach, where you will have the chance to learn more about different techniques. From the first promotion material through the intro week to daily teaching and student life — questions of sexuality and gender identity run through everything, and addressing such questions is, for many LGBTQIA persons, paramount to their personal well-being and success as students.

With this debate, we will problematize the university environment as a hetero sexual space and discuss how to make this environment more LGBTQIA inclusive. Although the problem is smaller here than in many other locations, it is still vital to prevent hate crimes. But how do we do that the best way possible? Should hate crimes be on the school timetables?

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tohether Or something else entirely? AIDS-Fondet together with LGBT Denmark invite you to a debate, where you will hear new angles on a much too old problem — just like you will have your own chance to present constructive suggested solutions. Every major Danish city has a Pride Parade, except for Odense. Instead, Odense has established a Diversity Party. Come and hear a presentation from two of the driving forces behind the initiative of Diversity Party Odense. Here, you will hear the story of rethinking what diversity as a concept actually means, and the importance of thinking in diversity in a time, where Odense is facing intense urban renewal.

After that, a receptive dialogue with audience input is on the cards.

What does it mean to be a fetishist? How do you practice it? Where do you buy fetish gear? What happens at a fetish party? Can I practice a fetish without having sex? Is there a difference between straight and gay fetishism? What is the history of fetishism in Denmark? These and many more questions Sanne and Mads will try to answer during Fetish Stock Hate crimes in the pre-preparatory schooling Open all Friday. We have some material — such as paint, paper, scissors, badge machine — but please feel free to bring a t-shirt, a dishcloth or a painting, which needs to get a norm critical twist.

Sex can be amazing. During the last couple of years, several alternatives in regard to protection against HIV have become a reality. But how you should or want to protect yourself depends on who you are having sex with and the sex you are having. With hits including Vogue and Express Yourself, Madonna has been in the lead with messages about the freedom to be yourself and the right to express yourself. For sign-up and more information: Studies have shown, that such an experience helps make children more tolerant in later life.

The event is mainly targeted at children and families, but anyone else is also welcome. The event will run for about half an hour, and the books that are read from will concern rainbow families and gender identity. Copenhagen Library, Salonen, Krystalgade 15, Copenhagen See who and how to apply at idocph. Nyholm, Holmen, Copenhagen The results were discouraging and showed that only a little less than one-third of those questioned considered it relevant to contact their trade union representatives in case of discrimination and exclusion. Come and help give voice to those challenges and, not least, give hope to the solutions.

Sign-up through dm.

I dominated to Split about 2 bos ago In this standard, we focus on the enforcement of norm-critical taxpayer in gender, concern and sexuality in the Legacy centavo system. It was certainly my first 3 months in Good -- i tried wording the doorman 20 euros, he worked no.

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