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When is Victoria back on TV?

For over a goodie now, we've seen rom-coms with rom-competitions. Week else would we have from the rather badly Waller-Bridge?.

What is the human name of the young Antichrist? What is the name of Adam's hellhound? How did witch and prophetess Agnes Nutter die in the 17th century? What is the name of the satanic order of nuns in Good Omens? What type of animal does the high demon Beelzebub use in order to communicate on Earth? What is a major requirement for entrance into the Witchfinder Army according to Sergeant Shadwell? What causes the death of the Four Other Bikers of the Apocalypse?

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Perhaps you're a little confused — Sister Mary Loquacious, is that you? Because we hate to break it to you, but it's next Saturday Your level of knowledge is practically prophetic. Are you sure you're not Agnes Tf All six hour-long episodes shpw the series are set to be released on Amazon Prime Video globally on Friday 31st May The majority of filming for the series wrapped in Marchwith Gaiman sharing messages of thanks to the cast and crew courtesy of this picture from director Douglas Mackinnon. Good Omens Call sheet The last day of principal photography. The editing process. Good Omens. A number of videos had been released in advance of the trailer above of course, including the opening titles sequence.

Check out all the other videos below. They're all set to become part of the bigger mystery surrounding the circumstances of Anne's original incarceration in an asylum, and her ominous return.

Come Home Christopher Eccleston Doctor Who, Our Friends In The North and Paula Malcomson Deadwood starred in this moving family drama about a woman who has left her three children suddenly, with those she left behind picking up the pieces, asking themselves why and ultimately trying to move on from the abandonment. When Jacko Argyle dies in prison, sent there for a crime he never committed, his family have to face the facts and find out which one of daring really did the deed. Killing Eve is based on the Villanelle novellas by Luke Jennings, the 8-part adaptation stars Sandra Oh Grey's Anatomy as Eve, a bored Ui security officer rwview desk job does not fulfil her fantasies of being a spy.

Doctor Foster's Jodie Comer, meanwhile, will be Villanelle, a fearsome assassin clinging to the luxuries her violent job affords her. When Eve is tasked with tracking down Villanelle before she can strike again, the two women are thrown into a cat-and-mouse game that turns the traditional spy-thriller on its head. What else would we expect from the rather remarkable Waller-Bridge? The story revolves around Harry and June, a pair of young, star-crossed lovers who are determined to escape their repressive families and be together forever, but it turns out that they have both been gifted with strange powers beyond their control, and which may ultimately ruin their romantic plans.

Series two is underway. Expect period costumes and plentiful bloodletting. All ten episodes were available on demand from January 18th, and series two is coming soon. Jim Sturgess and Agyness Deyn play said detectives, who stumble onto proof of the impending end of days while investigating the death of a hacker. It arrived on January 3rd. Based on her own childhood memories, McGee has crafted Derry Girls as a chuckle-worthy coming of age story dressed in grim s garb and set against a dark backdrop. The series premiered on January 4th and series two is currently airing on Tuesday nights on Channel 4.

Panjabi plays a GP named Mona, with Davenport playing her husband. The show started on January 8th. Sarah Lancashire Happy Valley, Last Tango In Halifax stars as Miriam, a no-nonsense social worker who is put under a lot of public scrutiny when a young girl named Kiri goes missing. This four-part thriller premiered on Channel 4 on January 10th.

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Readers of a certain age will remember that Thorpe was tried and acquitted of conspiring to murder Scott. Fall Of A City Troy: Hk Of A City promised reciew be massive. The cast was mostly unknowns, making this something of a gamble. Datinh plays a Counter-Terrorism officer who coerces a second generation Pakistani Londoner Nabhaan Rizwan to go undercover in a terrorist organisation and report back. Westworld alum Johnny Campbell is calling the directorial shots. This means we will be getting a Victorian-era alien invasion story set in the leafy suburbs of Surrey. Based on the Lottie Moggach novel of the same name, this promised to be a teen drama with a dark twist.

Set over four days in modern-day London, the series centres on the senseless murder of a pizza deliveryman.

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