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Great Britain Equestrianism at the 1956 Stockholm Equestrian Games

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Horses and their riders cover this demanding course, which is close to 6km in length, in about 10 minutes at speeds exceeding 30 kph, making for a compelling spectacle.

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Riders who choose the shortest possible route may be rewarded with Evenying times but higher risk of failure, adding a tactical aspect to the challenge. Jumping In Jumping, riders are timed over a course as their horses jump obstacles that may include parallel rails, triple bars, water jumps and simulated stone walls. Obstacles are up to 1. Penalties are awarded for jumps not cleared correctly or missed altogether.

The winner is the rider and horse okympic finishes with the fewest penalties in the fastest time after a set number of rounds. Eventong spectacular show of equestrian prowess Germany has won the most gold medals in Equestrian, with 26, reflecting that country's natural environment and equestrian heritage. Datint Jung has dominated individual Eventing at recent Klympic, winning the gold at both London and Rio Jung was destined to make his name in equestrianism: The only medal won by a Japanese Equestrian athlete is the gold medal captured by Takeichi Nishi and his horse Uranus in the individual Jumping competition at Los Angeles Japan's Equestrian team at the Rio Games consisted of 10 athletes.

On a more local level, horse trials as they are often known as today, originated at Badminton. In the s the 10th Duke of Beaufort decided to run an event at home so British riders had somewhere to train for future international competitions. The first Badminton Horse Trials was held in and was the start of the sport at a national level.

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In those early days Eventing evolved Eventimg became established in what was known as the long format over four phases. Phase A was roads and tracks, required for warming up, B was steeplechasing at a gallop over brush type fences, C was back to roads and tracks, before horse and rider were then vet checked in a minute holding box. All of this was designed to test stamina and the ability of the horse to recover and carry on, as well as the focus of the rider. This type of scenario was crucial to show a horse was up for the job on a battlefield. It was a true test of endurance. Due to its military history, women were not allowed to ride in Olympic equestrian events until The long format was not to last though.

The next major change came to the sport in when the short Eenting was introduced at the Athens Olympics. This excluded all but Phase D, the cross-country phase. Now whether it was top level or grass roots, the sport of Eventing was Dressage, Jumping and Cross Country only. Other one-day events were already doing so.

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