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Dating app Lulu's controversial guy reviews are no more

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The founders say Lulu is not a forum for vindictive ex-girlfriends to divulge deep, dark secrets, or talk trash. Instead a majority of the reviews are positive. Still, some men have criticized Lulu for objectifying them. Arguments for and against the app are abundant.

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A few comments from around pulu Web: The free iOS and Android app is close to hitting a million downloads in the coming weeks, according to its founders. It can look kind of depressing, suggesting that you spend way too much time at a gym. TRXCrossfit and spin class photos are no better. And yoga pose photos have been soooooo overused, that they also look lame.

If you want to make it a point that you are active, you can just mention in your profile that you like to work out and leave it at that. Save the details for later for ddating people you actually met and get to know. This dqting all become too cliche and unoriginal, because everyone is doing this. We've decided to be the better woman and only have guys on Lulu who are open to feedback. From the get-go, the company faced criticism because it's a platform that allows women to rag on their former partners; the major complaint was that if an app existed where men rated women, people would riot in the streets.

But outside of morality or sexism concerns, Lulu operates in some messy legal waters. When founder Alexandra Chong first launched the app as Luluvise inthe Guardian pointed out that automatic Facebook settings meant that a lot of very personal information about users who hadn't even signed up for it could be shared via Lulu. In December, the company changed their Brazilian policy to be opt-in only for men.

Dating Delete app lulu

In January, they were sued by a Brazilian man who was unhappy with the negative comments about him on the app. Lulu has reportedly been out of commission Dleete Brazil since the holidays. Instead of connecting girls with eligible dudes nearby, the app let them share anonymous reviews of men they knew, complete with hashtags like " LifeOfTheParty," " TallDarkAndHandsome" and " PlaysDigeridoo. Some were mortified. Still others wondered what the service could mean for the future of dating. The answer: A few days ago, the company quietly replaced its original app with a new version that cut out all of those juicy reviews in favor of a more generic -- and very familiar -- dating experience.

The updated software is live in both Apple's App Store and the Google Lu,u Store, but its existing website still refers to the old, review-heavy version. It's only when you go to new. And more importantly, users are pretty pissed off too:

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