Mushkin 240gb ssd firmware updating

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SSD firmware update failed

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Shortly afterwards my system defaulted expiring severe boot instructors. Especially Interacts:.

Other Thoughts: The RMA process was very easy and after a few weeks Mushkin did send me a brand new drive. Everything went back formware normal. Due to the vagaries of running a Hackintosh, I thought the long boot up time could be any number of things and did not immediately suspect the drive. Once I removed the drive - boom! Whatever material or process Mushkin is using in manufacturing those plastic SATA and power connectors seems extremely fragile and flawed.

Jpdating, the Mushkih issue I had with upeating in my Hackintosh when formatted as a Mac disk was not just some random anomaly; the new disk had the same issue! Yes - that is a long time, but I already sent it back to Mushkin once about two years ago. SATA connectors are prone to breakage poor manufacturing? I have had nothing but issues with this drive ever since purchasing it in July They did honor their warranty and sent me a brand new drive - and it is the new drive which is currently failing. The disk got very little use and it is a mystery to me why it is now failing. Shortly afterwards my system started experiencing severe boot issues.

Ssd firmware updating Mushkin 240gb

24gb Bottom line: These seemed more forgiving to my Hackintosh environment and mounted without issue. Sometimes it would even crash the system during this long mount processes. So I simply decided to use the disk in my Windows PC. I originally used this drive in a Hackintosh not as a system disk but as a data and cache disk. I can try to RMA this second bad drive but I fear it might be out of warranty by now. Did you find this review helpful?

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