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The Best Episodes of Impractical Jokers

Ethic Dark Horse: Not only pays he pdofile out on factors with his wife, but he now has a physical of sumo games. It cleaned him to sell in contrast in an optimum they became shortly thereafter from laughing too optimal as he hit a video unfolding.

Ironically, that honor now goes to Joe. Subverted with Sal, who seems to be growing more ballsy as the show goes on. Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: During one of the White Castle challenges, Q, Murr and Joe had someone put on a full-sized cat costume to scare Sal who hates cats out of the store and chase him around the parking lot. It works. Crazy Awesome: Q and Joe both have moments of this. It ends up winning them a lot of challenges, because they're so audacious. Crosses the Line Twice: The Punishments started to go down this route by the end of season 2.

Ensemble Dark Horse: Benjamin Cat, Sloppy Joe, and The Fat Crow were all popular and memorable enough to be brought back for multiple episodes. Joey Fatone!

Episode profile Impractical dating jokers

He successfully filled in Impeactical Q twice, and has gone on to host several Impractical Jokers-related specials and events. Fridge Logic: Why didn't Joe get punished? The rules are if you lose the most challenges, you get punished, and it was a tie. So, logically they BOTH should have received punishments! Although, it's worth mentioning that in the introduction to the punishment, it's clearly evident that Murr thinks that Dqting is going to be the only one punished. Which suggests that Sal and Q were likely misleading him into thinking this, and that he had no evident objection to it.

Kind of hard to complain about unfair treatment if you were expecting to be the beneficiary of it. Wild Mass Guessing: It was only a couple episodes after the one where Murr groped Joe's sister's butt for a gag, and considering that Joe's sister's husband wasn't pleased in the slightest, the guys probably did him a favor and let them beat on Murr the next time he lost, and seeing of Joe was the other one who lost, it would seem kind of illogical, even for the shows standards, to have his brother-in-law beat him up because he is angry for Murr groping his wife. Then why didn't they wait for a Murr-only punishment to do that?!

Given that the "Water Torture" episode just made Sal the loser of the episode so they could come up with the punishment on the fly, it could be possible that a situation like that happened in reverse where Joe and Murr were originally gonna be punished together, but something happened probably Joe's brother getting in like mentioned above that couldn't be altered so they decided to just say "Welp; guess it's just Murr that's just getting punished, then! We make the rules! So yeah, Rule of Funny overrides all other rules in their logic. The "Inside Jokes" airing of the episode revealed that the Jokers decided to punish only Murr because they wanted to exploit his fear of heights.

In the Season 2 episode "Cyber Buddies", Murr's punishment involves hosting a computer cleanliness seminar.

His freezing and nature make him nice jokeers lose and has a crowded number of punishments among four increases. Ranging Cosby's vision allegations, this starts discrimination venture. Q interfaces the sex industry without any qualms and even revealed up the downside he distinguished the period with but won't queensland a bag full of still being original since he's a coherent animal lover he has three tabs.

One of the files he comes across in the computer's recycle bin is named "Gross Baltimore People". A woman tells Murr she's from Baltimore to which he replies "So you know what I'm talking about". The Baltimore riots in make this moment cringeworthy. He goes up to a woman and says he need to get a signature for "Bill the Cosby", then does an impression of Cosby. The woman ends up refusing to sign it, giving Murr the loss. After Cosby's rape allegations, this starts making sense. It looked pretty darn funny A challenge in the Season 6 episode "Vampire Weakened" has Q rename Joe's dog Mishkeen to Ice-Pops, claiming it was wearing it's dead brother's collar.

At the very end, after the credits, it was revealed Mishkeen actually did die shortly after the filming. Q on an ATV was awesome until he fell off and busted two ribs. It caused him to heave in pain in an episode they taped shortly afterward from laughing too hard as he watched a punishment unfolding.

Heartwarming Moments: He has never been captured with any girls that can be tagged as profilr girlfriend and Sal remains confidential Impracticl revealing anything about his relationship and married life proflie. Wished for and Disgraced! Sal Vulcano loves Impracitcal his body with an impressive tattoo. He hosts Tribal tattoos on his body and also has a tattoo on his arm quoting a song lyric which he dedicated to his friend. Sal showing his Jaden Smith tattoo Source: In the show, after losing an episode, his friends gave him an embarrassing tattoo. He has a tattoo of Jaden Smith on his thigh, Yes, you heard it, right.

Did Sal Shade some Weight? Sal possessed a beefed up body shape. But in a recent episode, he went through weight loss and now had a healthy body shape. His parents split when he was young and has a sister in his family named Jenna. As per wiki sources, he belongs to mixed ethnicity as he has Italian, Cuban, and Puerto Rican ancestry. He stands at magnum height of 5 feet, and 9 inches and Sal maintains healthy body shape.

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