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Site Packer fans dating

It would be hard to imagine a better venue for experiencing a football game. Throughout the event, Sara had lots Packerr questions about the Packers, the stadium and the game. Fans own the Green Bay Packers. The team is the only non-profit, community-owned franchise in American professional sports major leagues. Where most professional teams are owned by an individual, a partnership or a corporate entity, the Packers are owned by the community. The bicycle tradition. Read more about the bicycle tradition. Retired numbers. All 5 players are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Ice Bowl.

The score fns with just 16 seconds left in the game. She also explained how she became a Packers fan even though she is from Los Angeles. I have a cheese beer holder and I've got cheese everything. It started at a young age because her dad was a Packers fan. However, Brett Favre, who played college football at Southern Mississippi, was a big deal in his area.

The Ice Bloc. In instruction, he gave his ernie for the Requirements during a critique conference for the Higher Bowl this year as he was the halftime blossom.

So when Favre was traded to the Packers inTimberlake became Packrr Packers fan and it has not stopped. In fact, he expressed his love for the Packers during a press conference for the Super Bowl this year as he was the halftime performer. My father would have flipped to see this. Thanks Favre4Official pic.

Reynolds also got a chance to meet Brett Favre which is seen above. Reynolds has been in a number of popular movies over the years such as "Deadpool", "Waiting" and "National Lampoon's Van Wilder. He was asked who he wanted to win the Super Bowl and he said he didn't care who wins because it was the Saints playing the Colts. He was recently in the film "Cars 3" doing the voice of Mater. Getty Dennis Leary is everything you would expect from a Boston sports fan, except he's a fan of the Packers. It has been reported that Leary became a Packers fan when he was younger because of a sibling rivalry. Leary wanted to cheer for the Packers because he wanted to make his brother angry who is a Patriots fans.

Leary did say he now roots for both the Patriots and the Packers. Getty The photo alone should tell everyone why Danica Patrick is a Packers fan. She has been dating Aaron Rodgers since January, and what makes this interesting is Patrick grew up a Bears fan.

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