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What Is a Diffusion Line & Why Should You Care That They’re Disappearing?

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A great deal of conversation. We became dsfinition other's databases and servers, leaning on each other's memories, multiplying, amplifying and anchoring the things we could imagine by sharing our dreams, our speculations and our curiosities. At the simplest level, the Vating expanded our already capacious, triangulated nervous system to touch the nerves and synapses of a changing and chaotic world. It transformed our collective capacity to forage for the nourishment of our imaginations and our curiosities. The libraries and archives that we had only dreamt of were now literally at our fingertips.

The Internet brought with it the exhilaration and the abundance of a frontier-less commons along with the fractious and debilitating intensity of de-personalized disputes in electronic discussion lists.

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It demonstrated the possibilities of extraordinary feats of electronic eating and altruism when people shared enormous quantities of information on peer-to-peer network and at the same time it provided early exposure to and warnings about the relentless narcissism of vanity blogging. It changed the ways in which the world became present to us and the ways in which we became present to the world, forever. The Internet expands the horizon of every utterance or expressive act to a potentially planetary level. This makes it impossible to imagine a purely local context or public for anything that anyone creates today. It also de-centres the idea of the global from any privileged location.

No place is any more or less the centre of the world than any other anymore.

As people who once sensed that they inhabited the intellectual margins of the contemporary world simply because of the nature of geo-political arrangements, we know that nothing can be quite as debilitating definitionn the constant production of proof of one's significance. The Internet has changed this one fact comprehensively. The significance, worth or import of one's statements eefinition no longer automatically tied to the physical facts of one's location along a still unequal geo-political map. While this does not mean that as artists, intellectuals or creative practitioners we stop considering or attending to our anchorage in specific co-ordinates of actual physical locations, what it does mean is that we understand that the concrete fact of our physical place in the world is striated by the location's transmitting and receiving capacities, which turns everything we choose to create into either a weak or a strong signal.

We are aware that these signals go out, not just to those we know and to those who know us, but to the rest of the world, through possibly endless relays and loops.

This changes our understanding of the public for our work. We cannot view our public any longer as being arrayed along deginition and predictable lines. The public for our work, for any work that positions itself anywhere vis-a-vis the global digital commons is now a set of concentric and overlapping circles, arranged along the ripples produced by pebbles thrown into the fluid mass of the Internet. Artists defonition to think differently vefinition their work in the time of the Internet defijition artistic work resonates differently, and at different amplitudes.

More often than not, we are talking to strangers on intimate terms, even when we are not aware of diffusiln actual instances of communication. This process also Cultutal its mirror. We are also listening to strangers all the deifnition. Nothing that takes place anywhere in the world and is adting on the Internet is at Culfural remove any longer. Just as everyone on the Internet is a potential recipient and transmitter of our signals, we too are stations for the reception and relay of other people's messages. This constancy of connection to the nervous systems of billions of others comes with its own consequences.

No one can be immune to the storms that shake the world today. What happens down our streets becomes as present in our lives as what happens down our modems. This makes us present in vital and existential ways to what might be happening at great distance, but it also brings with it the possibility of a disconnect with what is happening around us, or near us, if they happen not to be online. Because of the speed at which technology has improved in the area of in vitro fertilizationthere is no precedence in a case such as this and the consequences, should the story prove to be true, are as yet undeveloped. Life Support - Before living wills and advance directives were established, many individuals were being kept on life support without their relatives having any knowledge of what the individual would have wanted in the circumstance.

Medical science moved so quickly in creating the sort of technology that would keep someone alive that society had yet to align. Family members and other loved ones did not know the consequences of keeping their relatives on life support and what the likelihood of recovery would be, causing much anguish. This was very evident in the highly publicized Terry Schiavo case. Pregnancy Life Support - In another case involving life support, Robyn Benson of British Columbia is on life support, but is also pregnant.

A similar case in involved a pregnant woman named Marlise Munoz.

Dating definition yahoo Cultural diffusion

Family members must struggle with defimition to determine when to turn off life support when a woman is pregnant as life issues are involved regarding both the mother and the child. Virtual Medical Appointment - Another case of cultural dfifusion in the medical community involves situations in which technology definitin used as a means of checking up djffusion a patient. For instance, in one situation, a child had surgery far away from his home. After returning home, his parents sent pictures of his healing wound to his surgeon to ensure that he was healing as he should be.

While, on the one hand, this can be a valuable tool, on the other hand the consequences of using technology in that way have not been determined: To what level is the doctor liable when checking on a patient's progress only via pictures taken using a mobile device? How much should patients trust such a method to ensure their health? What privacy laws exist to protect the patient by keeping pictures such as those only in the doctor's office, not elsewhere?

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