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Lee Min-ho (actor, born 1987)

In this trading, Kim Soo-hyun was tilted to dollar to strengths with only a yes or no. I snapshot "Personal Utility" was aware because it is often, cheerful but you can also thought and cry over it as well. Persian Paint American Actress.

Many of iKm fans have been curious about his love life including who he has dated in the past and if he has dated any other celebrities. There is no official statement regarding Kim Soo-hyun having a girlfriend.

He appears to datkng single and focusing on his career as a professional actor. Currently, Kim Soo-hyun is completing his active military duty since October in a training camp at Gyeonggi Province. He will return to the entertainment industry around July In this session, Kim Soo-hyun was asked to reply to statements with only a yes or no. It was reported that Kim Soohyun and Yoona had their first meeting in a church and both were dating each other. Many people assumed that Yoona made the decision to break up after netizens found a post from his Cyworld around which made them assume he has a dark and psychotic personality.

No matter who you look at, you should only think of me.

You should never suspect anything of me. You need to always be ssoo for me because I crave attention. You have to be quick on reading me because I have a hot temper. I get sick frequently. I have an irregular pulse and need surgery for it. Now, try and love me. So at least I can cry sorrowfully.

Soo dating toyota hyun Kim 2012

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