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However, slip marked pressings with a 3D touched sleeve are much harder to fill by. That means an employee in price over clustered. Fats with a solid grammar triangle on the LP are the developers you have to change out for and are generally valuable.

It is better to buy face-to-face from a specialist dealer if possible or an online trader with positive reviews. Music to the ears: Usually, it is the biggest names in the music industry with timeless appeal that command highest prices for their vinyl sounds. The earliest examples of recoed work before they were discovered are most in demand. The first datinb players were known as phonographs. Look out recorv for datibg violin players like Ginette Neveu and Johanna Martzy, although this is just the tip of a very large iceberg. There has been more focus on demos in recent years with rarer red and white labels being particularly sought after.

Main protagonists like the Sex Pistols and The Ramones can be targeted, or you can delve into all manner of one-off KBD killed by death releases that are hard to find, ranging from cheap singles by The Bears to this hideously rare Grout EP, which was limited to copies and lurking on many Wants lists. There is also the American market to consider, which extends from to the vital 80s punk scene that not only spawned Green Day, but bands like Operation Ivy and Screeching Weasel. There is a worldwide demand for early stereo UK pressings due to the tremendous audiophile quality that was obtained during the 50s and early 60s.

Look out for vree following catalogue number prefixes: Collectors follow conductors, soloists like Leonid Koganand orchestras, as well as certain definitive performances of acknowledged masterpieces by heavyweight composers. Records that are genuinely scarce and contain good recoed or hold some significance to the artform perform best in terms datjng investment potential. This hip-hop 12" is old reord and hails from Connecticut, and despite its excellence was largely ignored outside its immediate area upon release and so the vast majority were disposed of before modern collectors took an interest.

Once unearthed and compiled, everyone wanted one. Some, it must be said, contain music that is poor - Ptolomy Psycon springs to mind - but Peter Howell and John Ferdinando released four albums under four different names and the wonderful arrangements and championship nature of the songs on Fly Away and other LPs like Ithaca's A Game For All Who Know means that they remain holy grails for collectors. There is also Howell's Dr Who connection he updated the theme tune to ice the cake.

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However, like albums by Vashti Bunyan and Elias Hulk that are in a similar price bracket, or Leafhound's Growers Of Mushroom in a higher bracket, a stone Mint copy will hold its value and appreciate due to the demand amongst collectors for the record and the fraction of copies that are in a genuine near-Mint condition. Despite a reissue, demand for this LP is not going to peter out for at least a decade - if ever. Dr Z's Three Parts To My Soul is one of the rarest and thus a good investment - if you can find a Mint copy with both sleeve and vinyl in tip-top shape at a reasonable price.

When I was at Spitalfields fair recently, a dealer had four on his stall with no takers - none Mint, mind. As they are rather unusual and limited in production to just a handful of copies, test pressings are highly regarded and sought out by collectors. Sometimes, test pressings may contain different versions of one or more songs from the commercially released albums. This can also add to their value. Foreign Editions A unique Beatles album from Denmark. Records pressed in foreign countries are often of interest to record collectors.

While most collectors are interested in records from the country where they live, a lot of them are interested in owning anything unusual by the artists that interest them. Most record albums are designed by record companies in either the United States or Great Britain, and most releases from either country are nearly identical. Other countries, however, have been known to create dramatically different versions of records from the U. Sometimes, foreign pressings may have different titles, or different covers from the more common versions from the U. On other occasions, record companies in other countries may choose to press albums on colored vinyl. Many albums from Japan from the late s through the early s were pressed on dark red vinyl.

These pressings are highly regarded by collectors for both their unusual appearance and their sound quality. While many American Beatles records are worth a lot of money, so are those from Great Britain, as the band released records there prior to releasing them in the U. Prices for foreign non-U. In general, collectors in the United States will always be interested, to some degree, in any foreign record by artists whose records they collect. Limited Editions A numbered, limited edition Beatles album. While limited edition pressings of albums are a relatively new thing, they are now quite common, with record companies intentionally limiting releases to a few hundred or a few thousand copies.

In past decades, when records were the predominant format for selling music, record companies were content to sell as many copies as possible of a given title. In recent years, records have become more of a niche item, and record companies are somewhat hesitant to spend the money to master, press, and distribute them. By producing only a limited number of a given title, and by making it publicly known that production will be limited to xxx number of copies, the record companies have a greater likelihood of having a particular title sell out quickly, rather than sitting on a shelf for a period of months or years.

What that translates as is a peerless archive of turntable, tonearm and cartridge user manuals from Clearaudio to Crosley. Vinyl Hub Powered by Discogs, Vinyl Hub is the most exhaustive record shop database out there, with 5, crowd-sourced entries at time of writing. The community also regularly updates listings with closures, which is particularly useful when heading into the sticks.

Also check the recordshops. These copies feature matrix numbers, a textured cover and a misprint Vinul the label 'Tony' is incorrectly spelled 'Tonny'. Maytals — Frer Grow Old: Z's epic concept album was barely released in Only 71 copies are thought to have been pressed, and mint condition examples are almost unheard of. Linda Hoyle — Pieces of Me: Folkal Point — Folkal Point: Only copies of the LP were pressed, half of which were destroyed in a flood, along with the master tapes. The initial sleeve, depicting David Bowie as half man and half dog, was pulled after the depiction of Bowie with a dog's private parts was deemed obscene.

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Check your collection. If you have the artwork described, you're barking up the right tree. Leaf Hound — Growers of Mushroom: The extremely rare LP was released in very limited numbers by Decca back in Forever Amber — The Love Cycle:

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