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Ra's al `Ayn Car Rental – Hire a car in Ra's al `Ayn

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x Look at ql short dark brown hilltops off to your left after the first few kilometers and you'll see the some of numerous burial mounds that line the road on the way to Flr. At approximately 14 km you will see the first view of Jebel Misht just as you pass the gold domed mosque on your right. At approximately As you round the bend at 25 km you will first see the mounds of Al-Ayn off on adte low hill to the left. At 26 km you will see a mosque on your right. Pull into the driveway and then drive to the opposite side of the road to the stone covered parking strip directly across from the mosque.

The car Lookking now be pointed in the direction to take you back to the motorway. Once parked, walk to the end of Lookibg sidewalk towards the speed bump and then down into the dry river bed. You will see an opening between two walls almost directly ahead of you. Continue into this entrance, following the path staying to your right until you come to a concrete water channel. Walk to the end of the first section of the channel and then turn left. That path will take you out to a second dry river bed note the white metal gate to your left as you exit the path.

The entrance to Al-Ayn is clearly seen at this point. Back at the car, again reset your trip odometer. Retracing your drive back towards the motorway you will see more tombs in the hills on both sides of the road. At 13 km at the last speed bump the road splits off to the right for a shortcut back to the motorway to Ibri. Stay on the main road to head back to Bahla. The petrol station is at 26 km. Please read Cancellation Policy in full. If you rental is post-paid, which means that entire car rental amount is due on arrival at the rental desk, there is no cancellation fee.

However if your booking is prepaid, you may be charged cancellation fee depending on the timing advance of the cancellation. In general, if the booking is cancelled within 7 days of the car rental booking date and at least 48 hours before confirmed pick up time, all funds will be reimbursed. If the booking is cancelled outside 7 days of the car rental booking date and at least 48 hours before the pickup time, all funds except the cancellation fee of EUR In most cases, no funds will be reimbursed, if the booking is cancelled less than 48 hours before the pickup time.

Please visit detailed FAQ section if you need more informaion. The voucher will contain instructions on how to collect the car and contain the car hire company address you will be using, along with all their contact details. If you do not produce your voucher at the time of collection of the vehicle, the car rental supplier may apply a different rate than quoted or refuse to rent the vehicle. We cannot accept any appeal for a refund if you do not produce your voucher at the rental desk. You can always view and print your voucher. Please remember to take it to the rental counter together with your driving licence and the credit card. Payment Method The booking can be paid for by either credit card or debit card.

Atn card is required to match the drivers name. A deposit will be held on the credit card until it is returned. Generally, the amount authorized covers the fuel deposit and the insurance excess. The actual amount depends on the rental duration, the age of the driver or the size of the vehicle. Sometimes the insurance doesn't apply to all parts of the vehicle, e. Consider your Lebanon travel plans when analysing various offers. Make sure that car insurance is valid at your destination too. This is particularly important if you plan crossing state borders of Lebanon. Insurance Coverage Information on various insurance e.

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The renter may be held responsible for damage to or loss of tyres, windscreens, glass and undercarriage. Please check with the car rental agent on arrival. Ask for the breakdown assistance too. In particular, check the amount of fuel in the tank. It should be full; otherwise ask for the refilling of the fuel or change of the contract details. Do not forget to examine the car body for any defects in the paint, wheel disk or other visible parts of the vehicle. Fuel Policy Usually the rule as follows: This means you pick up the car with a full fuel tank and you should also return the vehicle with a full fuel tank. Some suppliers will charge for this service initially but will refund the fee on return, if the fuel tank is full otherwise you will be charged for the missing.

Additional Driver You can add additional drivers for your booking.

Limit of technical period of foe a time might be cushioned. Hopefully you will find this iconic. Spotlight Driving Licence Please hi with the your car winning rate please see your choice if local driving mode is required in Nigeria.

Depending all rate conditions, additional driver fee may be charged - this fee is then also payable at the counter. Usually additional driver permission can be obtained also on arrival at a small charge per person and day. You will find information about additional drivers on your booking voucher. This section also shows other additional extras you have booked, for example baby seats and booster seats.

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