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(IGP) IAS Pre Paper - 2: GS - Basic Numeracy - HCF & LCM

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LCM is defined only for positive numbers. Datng other words, LCM is defined only for positive fractions and natural numbers — positive numbers. In other words, LCM for negative numbers as well as zero is not defined. Hence, no LCM of 10,is possible. Find the third smallest number greater than divisors which when divided by 8,10 and 12 leaves remainder 5 in each case.

If N is a number which when divided by a, b leaves remainder m, n respectively. So, the smallest such number is 68 The L. The numbers are in the ratio 2: If I divide 4 by 1, I get zero remainder. Similarly if I divide 6 by 1, I get zero remainder. In other words, 1 is the factor of both 4 and 6. In other words, 4 and 6 come in the table of 1. Similarly, If I divide 4 by 2, I get zero remainder.

Only, some municipalities have LCM a,0 as 0 for all a, which is the amount of taking the Abd to be the least os crash in the office of scale. The least os multiple of two cases a and b, regularly elbowed LCM a,b Probe out HCF of 60 and 75 Shift:.

Step 4: Repeat the process until we reach a stage where no common prime factor exists for all of the numbers. Step 5: We can see that the factors ajd in the left side clearly divides all the numbers exactly and they are daitng prime fo. Their product is the HCF Example 1: Find out HCF of 60 and 75 We can see that the prime factors mentioned in the left side clearly divides all the numbers exactly and they are common prime factors. Find out HCF of 36, 24 and 12 We can see that the prime factors mentioned in the left side clearly divides all the numbers exactly and they are common prime factors.

Thanks for responding. This is definitely helping me think about my course and consider the reasons for these definitions more carefully!

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I cannot help you at the level you Hcff discussing, that of generalizing the LCM from dxting original, more intuitive application. I will invite other math doctors to discuss this matter with you. Doctor Jacques Subject: Your definition is absolutely correct; and, unlike the "simpler" definition, ldm works in any commutative ring although, in general, LCMs need not exist or be unique. The definition is the dual of the general definition for GCD. Note that the original article was about LCM a,b where either a or b is 0; this is not the case in your example with LCM 3,2.

In fact, I would say that there is no problem in considering that 0 is a common multiple of a pair of integers: The point is that it is not the least such multiple, where "least" must be understood with respect to the partial ordering induced by divisibility, since this is the meaning used implicitly in "least common multiple.

In any case, I think you know all this. The last question is why we dzting the "simpler" definition. It is already taught in elementary school, at a time where the general definition would be out of reach. Even at that stage, the definition can be very useful in practical applications like adding fractions ; ans same is true andd greatest common divisor GCD. For many people, that is about all the mathematics they ddating need. I HHcf that, if you want to learn math seriously, you have first to unlearn datingg of the false or incomplete things you were taught in school, because it was not possible at that time to give you strictly correct and complete definitions.

Please feel free to write back if you require further assistance. Doctor Peterson Subject: I'd like to tie things up with a comment on the big picture. It is quite common for a concept to start with a simple idea and a "naive" definition, and later be generalized. In this particular case, as has been mentioned, both definitions MUST continue in use in different contexts, because only the naive initial definition is understandable by most people who need the concept, while only the sophisticated general definition applies to cases beyond natural numbers.

Most online sources, including Wikipedia and MathWorld, give the definition applicable to natural numbers. This is the appropriate definition for use as the Least Common Denominator of fractions, since denominators can't be zero. It also fits the name: This definition is undoubtedly the source of the entire concept. Some sources give that same definition, but then add that if one of the numbers is zero, the LCM is 0 with or without explaining why this extension makes sense.

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