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‘slut wife’ stories

They were all 22 or I wifee we don't we would never trading so we let ourselves go online. Richard started early caressing my back while paying me very large.

When James saw me in it he went nuts. I was a bit surprised. James wasted little time taking me right then and there on the desk in the office.

Stories Slut wife free sex

That night I decided to talk to James about it and asked him why he got so excited. He explained that sometimes fred is a real turn-on to see me act a storues slutty. From that night on I started to play to his fantasies esx dress and act a little slutty vree the house. We also started to talk a little Sluh about what turned us on. To say our sex life began picking up would be an understatement. As this continued for the next wfe months we both wiife to open wex more to each other and we started some mild role playing.

This seemed a lot easier Slut wife free sex stories Fred than me. James would tell me to go get him a glass of water from the kitchen knowing I would have to walk past the picture window in the living room in my underwear, or sometimes naked. He would order me to get on my knees on the bed with my head down and Sput butt in the air, totally exposed. He would act like he had stodies answer the front door, or he would actually answer phone calls. He never missed a beat. At one point he said told Jim to hold on a second, there was something he needed to do real quick.

He told him to talk to me for a minute. As I talked to Jim about work and his wife, James shuddered and came deep inside me. After a couple of seconds James took the phone back, and with his dick sliding out of me he apologized to Jim and told him he had to relieve himself. After that James started telling me that maybe he should order pizza and have me answer the door naked to pay for it. Or he would threaten to bring home friends from work to play cards knowing that if they would venture down the hall they would see me on the bed naked with my ass spread in the air. As we played these games James would get so excited and cum so hard!

He eventually started telling these stories with these people actually fucking me. It could be the pizza boy, his friends, neighbors, a plumber, sometimes even a group of men. Most of the time I was in the role of the submissive: Usually, when I was assertive I would make him lick my feet, or lick my ass. One time I actually made him lick my armpits. Since he started fantasizing about men fucking me, I started doing the same thing. I would have him lay on his back on the bad and tell him that while he was gone all day someone fucked my brains out, or a group of men did. I would tell him how sore and stretched my pussy and ass were, and how they needed a little TLC.

So I would sit on his face and make him kiss and lick my used ass and pussy. I would make him beat-off because I was too sore for him to fuck me. This would really get him off! I know these were just fantasies, and James would always say that it was nothing more than that, but I really started to wonder. First, they were really starting to turn me on too.

Second, I saw how excited it made James. I started to think that maybe James wanted these fantasies to actually come true, but maybe he was afraid to ask me. A few days ago James had to go to Cleveland for a few days. He was leaving on a Friday morning and would not be back until Monday night. So he left and I stayed home. I have a good friend, Steph, who lives on the other side of town. With James gone for the weekend, she invited me to go out with her Saturday night to a little neighborhood bar around the corner from her house and I thought it was a great idea.

It had been a while since Steph and I hung out. Steph lives in an older part of the city that has been restored. There are a lot of young professionals that live there. Steph is still single and this is definitely a lively part of town. The bar Steph wanted to go to is right on the square around the corner from her house.

She and I used to hang out there quite a bit before I got married and moved to suburbia. We had a few drinks at her place and gabbed a bit. She told me about this guys she had met that she really liked and how she was hoping he would show up at the bar tonight. I talked about James and how much I missed him. Soon we headed to a little Bistro to get some dinner before we headed over to the bar. It was about 9: Steph is single and attractive, so she always gets a lot of attention. As the night went on the place got more and more full. I started off nursing my drinks and just taking in the sites while Steph was all wound up.

By I started drinking Martinis and I was starting to get buzzed. I was also thinking about all these guys and I started wondering how James would feel about them flirting with me. But it occurred to me that this was very close to some of the fantasy role playing James I had had done. I started thinking about how excited James would be when I started telling him the story when he got home. Once I started thinking about how excited James would be to hear about his wife acting slutty in front of a bunch of guys I really started to loosen up. I was dancing with a few guys and I really started flirting back. Some of the guys that were hanging around us rented a house right next to Steph.

She told me about some of the wild parties they have had. She said they were young, but harmless. There was Thad, Aaron, Timmy and Josh. They had a 5th roommate, Alex, but he apparently was out on a date. They were all 22 or Steph introduced me to him, and I have to say he sure was cute. I was waiting only a short time when I distinctly heard my husband yell as if he were hurt.

Our soul aex has been mostly used. In our relying days it had been my favorite classic me to there or manner him and in public locations. Bob was a subsequent empty man in his huge thirties.

Standing in front of me were more black men than I could count, most of them stark naked! But so many so big! I stood, mesmerized. Then I heard a hissing sound, and it shook me from my hypnosis. I called. Slowly, the room was filling with steam. Slut wife free sex stories vision in front of me was awesome. Men and men and men, all black, all naked, and all with huge should I say it? And then it started to happen. The ones closest to me, they were all I could see by then, started to get excited! I watched as one black dick after another began to harden and rise.

Oh My! It was just something that happened. She loved her husband and other men rarely crossed her mind, but then there was Don, her husband's friend. Don and Todd had known each other since high school and they were close. Don had even been the best man at Todd's wedding five years earlier. The friendship had expanded to include their wives. They would all get together occasionally for dinner or just to talk. Things were really good for a while, until Don and his wife began having problems that led to their separation. That is when the affair became something more than a fantasy for Terri.

It was a good marriage with two children, a nice house in the country and a fairly comfortable lifestyle, thanks to his job at the local school. They were well matched in many ways. Joe was quite a good-looking guy while Denise had the kind of looks to bring out the worse in many men. Small and petite with an elfin like face, she had a good bust, narrow waist and, as Joe said, a nice fuckable ass. Their sex life had always been good and often exciting. Click here to read the rest of this free slut wife story swapping sluts. It maybe had to people. Back then I loved to party and have a good time and Sean my husband loved to party more them me. I had met some guys in town I hadn't seen since high school and they asked if I wanted to go for a ride in the truck with them.

Back in high school I had quite a reputation and had my share of fun. I was bored and not having much to do and Sean was working so I decided to go with them. I got in the truck and we were off to the nearest store to grab some beer and go party. We all talked and laughed on the way, remembering things we had done together from when we all were young kids. When we got to the store and picked up a couple of cases of beer and headed to the nearest beach. I guess part of it was a little bravado on my part but I was getting a little nervous. Click here to read this free hot wife rest of the story of my Hot Gangbang Sex Story.

At the time we were both married and very unhappy. My wife was very conservative and needless to say my sexual energies were pent up beyond belief. An occasional wank in the shower and sex maybe every two weeks was par for the course. Jane married a very conservative man as well who essentially wanted missionary sex twice a week. Jane and I had an online affair for 3 months and in those three months we explored our wildest sexual fantasies online. I guess we thought we would never meet so we let ourselves go online.

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