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Start here for some drinks, maybe head to Avalon Hotel, the bartenders there are 2 of the best cocktail bartenders in Sweden they compete in contests. By now hopefully you grabbed a number or two to meet up later, check out Gothenurg Nightclub on the avenue, its pretty exclusive so you have to be gotehnburg to impress, and once again not cheap. All in all this night is going to cost you at least a couple thousand SEK. Drink champagne, buy girls you like shots of fireball and dance the night away until 1 or 2 grab you for an afterparty. I love animals. I'm stubern and like things old fashion.

Sinitsa Own it like I do--it's easy for me because I know why people accuse you of being too picky and it isn't for reasons they have any morally superior right to criticize you for. I rate people--women AND men--on the most comprehensive 1 to 10 scale I've personally ever seen--one so elaborate I usually avoid sharing it because I know it turns most people off. I do it because I'm a connoisseur of the human form--bodies are like art to me, and I love appreciating good art. Kvarnen http: The place is popular with hipsters and the age range here is very much in the early twenties.

They also serve good food and you can easily spend an entire evening here or make it a good starting point before heading out on the town.

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Opening hours are: Monday and Tuesday: A wojen room can easily gohtenburg you back SEK. On a more positive note, breakfast buffets at Swedish hotels are often impressive with plenty to choose from - try not to be in too much of a hurry in the morning! Major hotel chains include Scandic, Nordic Choice and First. Stay Safe Most crimes against tourists are crimes of opportunity, such as pick-pocketing, bicycle theft, auto theft and auto vandalism. Pickpockets converge in Gothenburg during the summer months so beware.

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